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tbh joe did you find your phone? 😂 but anyways this weekend was pretty fun and it was pretty weird when we found a g outside nellas house lmao but you're funny besides when you and Bryan pick on me and call me cam newton but other than that you're pretty chill hmu

HaleyChristopherson’s Profile PhotoHaley Christopherson
no you stole it fag and yeah always pretty weird being around you and you got that cam newton vision 👀

TBH; you're okay I guess. you make me so mad & so laughy at the same time. you'll always be a nigga no matter what you do to piss me off 😉🙄 hmu fool. we gotta chill soon & talk about some shit

samivandekop’s Profile PhotoSami VandeKop
Fasho nig just hmu!

tbh- we dont talk that much anymore but we were best friends during the summer & always did dumb shit😂😂 but yeah we talked for a bit the other day and we should chill again soon i miss you homie. snapchat me!

Rachelcwaterman’s Profile Photorachel waterman
Summer was lit 🔥
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Tbh we chilled the other day and that was fun asf, but we dont really hangout much but that should change! Your chill and cute asf 😌 thanks for going into all the stores w/ me at the mall cause nella didnt want too 🙄 but forsure hmu more 😊

SaundraSalazar’s Profile PhotoSaundra Salazar
Fr that was fun and hey thanks 😝 and yeah I will!!!
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