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Do you love me?


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are you really jake davis answering these questions?


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I once did a project on you at school. I got an A for it... so thanks for that.


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Do you have any IT qualification or plan to take any?

Have you tried going over to the Ecuadorian Embassy and demanding a chess match with Assange?

Are you worried about judgement day, on which according to Shirley Phelps you will have to answer for your epic pwnage of her on live television?

Would you do Boxxy yes or no

If I offer you to be obese Orson Welles for a day will you accept?

I'm from australia its to hot why dont you move over here?

I want to be lulzsec.

Are you actually a cleverly disguised plant created to lead humanity to its downfall?

What is something you wish you were better at?

Saying yes

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Its a long story, Jake. Would you like to come to an IRC channel so I can tell you more about this? We can discuss.

LulzSec was a failure of a hacker group, much comparable to the olive-oil manufacturing companies of late '98. I know a group, that has hacked more LulzSec ever dreamt of. Once I inform you about the group, you will reach a state of pure hallucination. Would you like to know about the truth?

Please publish your file system directory.

Do you find you get bored these days?

In your most sincere opinion, do you think that the "Internet" should change its own name to the "Interweb" once it develops consciousness and begins to trap humans in a program simultaneously tricking everyone into thinking that they are both Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne at once ?

How was prison food did you get to eat bacon sandwiches

Jake. I am planning a birthday for my boyfriend but have no money. Is 'special' sexytime a good alternative or should I stop being a cheapskate and get him a Twix?

So now that your probation is over, are you going to encrypt all your shit and go to the Caribbean with Mustafa, APT and INFODOX to drink rum and wine whilst watching Game of Thrones? If so please take me along. I wish to sing pirate songs and get scurvy.

Would you Barry a Manilow?

We should hang out more

Do you ever get scared when breaking eggs that a little chicken will fall out instead of an egg?

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