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In all competitive games you played, what character do you consider to be the most 'braindead'? Why?

Kbludoh’s Profile PhotoLucas Martinez
Honestly, I don't think characters are braindead in any game that I've played. Even the most spam characters are able to be countered, else the game doesn't really have much competitive value; if the player goes "braindead", then they're much more susceptible to counterattack.
That being said, there are some characters who are quite unfair due to extreme low-risk/high-reward tactics. One such character would be Cloud in Smash 4. His hitboxes are large, his smash attacks are fast and strong at the same time (plus some of them hit multiple times), his Limit Break moves come out extremely quickly (especially for their power and knockback), and his aerials linger for such a long time. It's insane how versatile, speedy, and powerful he is. His recovery may be somewhat poor, but his air game is still strong (unlike Little Mac, who has awesome ground game but abysmal air game).

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What's a video game series you always wanted to get into but never did? Why?

Alxprit’s Profile PhotoAlxprit
Honestly, there are a few of them, but I'm going to go with The Legend of Zelda. The games seem pretty interesting, but I've never played most of the games. I've played a few minutes of both Four Swords and Four Swords Adventure, but they didn't hold my interest. Ah well.

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What is the oddest/most uncommon genre of music you like listening to? Why do you like it? Please post a link of an YT video of a song!

Kbludoh’s Profile PhotoLucas Martinez
I'm not sure if it counts as uncommon or odd, but I definitely enjoy listening to music involving less traditional instruments. The music might be simple sometimes, but there's just something neat about hearing new different instruments that aren't extremely popular.
https://youtu.be/mFfe4ZRQOH8?t=38sDragonAirazel’s Video 139340349146 mFfe4ZRQOH8DragonAirazel’s Video 139340349146 mFfe4ZRQOH8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVHX3k-CsQoDragonAirazel’s Video 139340349146 LVHX3k-CsQoDragonAirazel’s Video 139340349146 LVHX3k-CsQo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk3BvNLeNgwDragonAirazel’s Video 139340349146 xk3BvNLeNgwDragonAirazel’s Video 139340349146 xk3BvNLeNgw
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If I gave you a question, what kind of answer would you give me?

Kbludoh’s Profile PhotoLucas Martinez
I will either give you a short, snarky answer full of sass and/or wordplay, or I will give a miniature essay. There is rarely any deviation from those two forms of answers. Of course, there does tend to be a method of determining what sort of answer a question will receive. If the question pokes at my passions (music, character studies, et cetera), then the answer will most likely be an essay due to how much I might have to say about the subject. Of course, if I've answered the given type of question before, the lengh of the answer would be significantly reduced.
If I'm given a joke question, I will most likely reply with a joke answer. That's usually the spirit of things. Also, if I receive a question that refers to something that I don't think about much, then my answer will be short; if I don't have anything to say about a subject, I don't try more often than not. I'm not a fan of talking out of my butt.

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Why do you think there hasn't been a legendary Poison type Pokémon yet? What do you think one would look like? What role in the universe do you see it having?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
Legendary Pokémon tend to be Pokémon equivalents of real-life myths and legends, I could understand that a poison-based myth could be somewhat difficult to come by. However, considering that there are now birds of death, legendaries involved with the environment, and quite a few references to alchemy, I can see something involving poison being more than possible.
Though I know that Ultra Beasts aren't viewed as legendaries, I believe that Nihilego is a pretty good idea for what a poison legendary could be like. Or it could be something similar to being the Cthulhu of the Pokémon world. That'd be pretty cool. A Pokémon that seeks to control (this idea could be a Psychic/Poison type, which would give it a unique typing as well). I could also see it representing decay or entropy, which would be pretty cool to see as well.

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If you could choose any fictional character to be best buddies with, who would they be?

Kbludoh’s Profile PhotoLucas Martinez
If this is taking all of them into account, I'd probably choose something like a Zoroark something along those lines. I'd feel that they'd be easier to deal with. Hopefully.

What is your favorite word in the english vocabulary, taking into account as the only judging factor the way it sounds? Why do you like it?

Kbludoh’s Profile PhotoLucas Martinez
It's a toss-up between "defenestration", "flausinausinihilipilification", and "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia". It's similar to why people enjoy saying words like "onomatopoeia", except elevated due to having more syllables.

If there were a Bug/Dragon type Pokémon, what do you think it would look like? What do you think its abilities could be?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
You mean other than the two dragonflies that we have that are somehow not Bug/Dragon? (Yanmega is Bug/Flying, and Flygon is Ground/Dragon with a Bug egg group.) Maybe something like that, except with a few more draconic features. Oh! It could possibly take some inspiration from scorpions, wyverns, or something else like that.
If it's particularly physical, I could possibly see something like Compound Eyes working, giving things like Dragon Rush more viability. Or it could be safe and go with something like Guts or Moxie. And then a dragon type with the move Fell Stinger would be SCARY to deal with. Plus, a STAB U-Turn to go with it would also be frightening.
And of course, giving a special-based dragon type Quiver Dance or Tail Glow would be equally as frightening. Though there aren't as many special-based Bug type attacks, there are still quite a few other options (especially considering the dragon type's sense of versatility with coverage).
Other possibilities could be Adaptability (imagine a 100BP Fell Stinger due to STAB), Berserk (since dragons can usually take one or two non-supereffective hits), Contrary (perfect for Draco Meteor spamming), Hustle (for the added strength), Infiltrator (because bugs tend to be good at getting into places, and dragons are generally relentless), Levitate (which is probably the… safest (?) option), Multiscale (which would help with survivability), Sheer Force (though, that'd probably be not as good for the bug attacks), Tinted Lens (which would be perfect for a powerful attacker who might otherwise get walled by certain types), or Tough Claws (which is definitely good for physical attackers).
The possibility are amazing. They really are. I want one. I really, really want one.

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If there were a Fire/Grass type Pokémon, what do you think it would look like? What do you think its abilities could be?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
There has already been a sunflower Pokémon, there are already grass type Pokémon that transform in the sun, and there are a lot of fire types involve taking something and setting it on fire (Birds on fire! Ponies on fire! Rocks on fire! Lizards on fire!), so having a Pokémon that's the living embodiment of a forest fire could work. Or (and I would like to thank the random person on Serebii forums for reminding me of this) something like Swampfire from Ben 10 could also work.
As for abilities, Chlorophyll, Solar Power, or Flower Gift would probably be the best. Something along the lines of Flash Fire, a special attack version of Moxie, Infiltrator, or Adaptability might also be useful. As for the style of battle, I think that it should play more to the strengths of a fire type: powerful solar-powered nuclear bomb set to incinerate everything in it's path. But with access to powerful Grass type attacks like Solarbeam (which would also be benefited in the Sun just like its STAB fire attacks), Leaf Storm, Energy Ball, Petal Blizzard, and Giga Drain, this Pokémon will have less to fear from Water, Rock, and Ground types.
Come on, Pokémon Company. This is literally the only type that Grass hasn't been paired with yet. Give some love!

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If there were a Fighting/Electric type Pokémon, what do you think it would look like? What do you think its abilities could be?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
Honestly, I would imagine something like Electabuzz, since it looks so prime to be such a typing (and I'm a little bit sad that it's not). I imagine some sort of lean fighter, which would emphasize its focus on speed. I'd also imagine more pronounced fists or legs and a sturdy posture. Pretty straightforward. Also yellow, of course.
As for abilities, I believe it'd be relatively straightforward as well. Either something to bolster it's attack or speed like Motor Drive or Lightning Rod, or perhaps something that's a little more niche like No Guard (which would be devastating for the combination of Focus Blast/Thunder, or for an extremely quick Dynamic Punch).

Would you rather be stuck in extreme heat or extreme cold? Why?

PowerOfMondao’s Profile PhotoKirb
I would definitely rather be stuck in intense cold. I can always put on more layers of clothes, build a fire, run around, et cetera in order to warm myself up. In extreme heat, I can't physically shred enough layers off of me, and the only thing that would otherwise cool me down would be ice (which would melt), water (which would evaporate), and air conditioning.

If you were able to customize the way you could battle in the main series Pokémon games, what sort of bizarre rules would you want to be able to use? They can be rules that already existed in past games (Battle Frontier facilities, Inverse, et cetera), or you could make up your own.

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
I would definitely like the ability to challenge people in Inverse battles. I would also like the whole dynamic with the Battle Arena, which would be three turns of attacks followed by judgement (though the skill category should be adjusted, definitely). I think that a random event generator (just like Sinnoh/Johto's Battle Arcade) would be fun to have, at least for more casual-style battles.
As for nonexistent battle types, I would like something akin to the Battle Factory (with the 'rental' Pokémon idea), except each person chooses 1 or 2 Pokémon to temporarily trade with the other. Each person doesn't know what Pokémon was taken until the battle starts. Then the battle proceeds as normal, with the only difference being the Pokémon having been exchanged for that battle only. I feel it'd be pretty fun, and it'd cause a lot of thinking and planning, perhaps even a little bit of mind games in regards to what Pokémon is chosen.

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Pineapples on pizza: Yes or no? Why or why not?

PowerOfMondao’s Profile PhotoKirb
I'm a fan of pineapples on a pizza. It creates a unique flavor combination that's difficult to otherwise reproduce. It'd be kind of like what a tritone in music is like -- people used to call it the "devil's chord" due to how abrasive it sounds, but composers use it all the time now due to the unique musical texture that a tritone can provide.
Pineapples on pizza is an acquired taste, definitely, and I can understand why some people don't enjoy it. But I do!

If you could choose one of your Pokémon characters to be a life companion, who would you choose?

PowerOfMondao’s Profile PhotoKirb
I would definitely choose Helios for this. He can cook! None of my other PT characters can cook like Helios can. Plus, Helios has a level of empathy that most of the rest lack. I feel that Helios would probably just generally be more pleasant to be around.

If you had the ability to turn into any three of your characters, but you immediately gain their personality when you do, who would you transform into first and why? Would you avoid transforming into any character in particular? Why or why not?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
For the case of this question, I'll restrict myself to my PT characters. That immediately makes answering this extremely tough, since many of my characters have something that makes them so much more different than I am. Different fears, tendencies, and actions would make things rough. The ones who I would actually like to be tend to have some flaw that makes them frightening to be. If I were Chase, I'd be deathly anxious of things, and I don't think I'd like experiencing what a panic attack feels like.
But if I had to choose, I would probably choose Helios, Luke, and Reina. I'd probably turn into Helios first, because I think he's the most like me in terms of talking, though he's more on the flirty side of things. I would definitely avoid turning into someone like Teivel or Hades, due to the fact that they're both more than willing to do so many illegal things that would get me in trouble.

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What food/drink do most people you know dislike but you actually love eating/drinking it? What makes you like it?

Kbludoh’s Profile PhotoLucas Martinez
I can say that I'm generally one of the least picky eaters in most, if not all, of my friend groups. There is always something that I'd be more than willing to eat while others shy away from it. I've accepted that.

What are your three favorite types of elemental types in Pokémon and why?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
Flying, Water, Ghost.
Flying is my go-to type, since I like so many of them. Back when Triple battles were a thing, the lack of restrictions that most flying type attacks had were really good. Plus, they allow for a risk-less "EARTHQUAKE ALL THE THINGS" strategy in doubles and triples. Plus, they're just extremely fun to use! I realized I was a flying-type fan when I found myself with five different flying types at the end of Leaf Green.
Water is the single most diverse type in the game, in terms of role in competitive battle. Though it's tied with Flying types as being the type with the most different dual-type combinations (being all of them), they also have so many different types of attacks. Rain Dance for weather, Soak for utility, Hydro Pump for high damage, Scald for burns, and the list keeps going on and on. Not to mention the roles that the Pokémon themselves can fill. It's no surprise that water tends to give the strongest and most diverse mono-type teams.
Finally, ghost types are simply awesome. They may not be physically the strongest, but they're the most tricky. And there are literally only two ghost types that I don't like. The designs are awesome, the concepts are creepy, and the type itself is pretty good! Now all I'd like is a well-designed Normal/Ghost type, and I think I would be set.

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What is the key to life?

LucarioOcarina’s Profile PhotoMike-O
There is no key to like. All you can do is knock on the many doors that are there and hope someone opens it from the other side. If a door is already open, then go through it. Don't wait, because the door might get closed in your face.

What would you do if you woke up with a letter saying that you are the last person on earth?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
I would question where I got the letter in the first place and look around. If I truly am the last person on Earth, then I have no idea how I would survive.

Describe your life in terms of chocolate candy.

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
Chocolate-covered strawberries. Everything seems to look bleak and hard to get through, but you might be able to if you just take a bite. But if you wait too long to take a bite, the strawberry inside will go bad, and it won't taste good anymore once you do take that bite.
I dunno. Probably not my best analogy.

Have you ever played a game that has an OST that's waaay too good for the gameplay? What game was it, and why do you think the soundtracks is so much better than the game itself?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
I most definitely have, and that would be most of the 3DS Streetpass games, particularly Find Mii, Monster Manor, Ultimate Angler, and Ninja Launcher. They do their job at making the game much more exciting than they have any right to be.

What is your opinion on the 3DS Streetpass games in the Mii Plaza? Do you still play them? Which one is/was your favorite?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
I think most of them are actually pretty fun to play, though I would rather play other games. My favorite would probably be Monster Manor, Ultimate Angler, or Slot Car Rivals (though Slot Car Rivals has become increasingly infuriating with the last two achievements).

Do you have a naming theme for whenever you create fictional characters? Does it stay consistent throughout your works, or does it always change? Do you think your country of origin has affected a naming theme you might have?

PowerOfMondao’s Profile PhotoKirb
I don't have a naming theme. Sometimes, I do follow a theme for a few of my characters (for example, all of the Pokémon that were on Merkava's team are named after tanks or medieval armor/shields/weapons), but I ultimately base names on personality and on where they got the name from. Sometimes, names are simplistic due to uneducated characters naming themselves (or others). Others are based on things that they resemble. Still others are based on intrinsic wishes for the character. I even used a few puns as naming tools (such as Rook the Bisharp, or a Ninjask named Doug who knows Dig)! It all depends on the individual characters.
And me being American means I'm surrounded by a whole bunch of different types of names in a single place. Some are more exotic than others (my middle name is of African origin, for example). So I could say that being surrounded by so many different names does influence things.

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Name five of your favorite fictional characters (only one per franchise). Why are they your favorites? As a bonus question, who is one of your favorite useless character (as in, main/recurring character who doesn't actually help anything in the story) and why?

DragonAirazel’s Profile PhotoAirazel
Katara from The Last Airbender: Choosing just one from both The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra is extremely difficult, but I managed to drop it down to three candidates: Kuvira (who's kind of like LoK's version of Azula without being inherently evil), Zuko (who probably had the most change out of all of the characters), and of course Katara. I ultimately chose Katara because, even though her moral stance doesn't exactly change very much, she moves from being the weakest member of Team Avatar (since even Sokka had some weapons/survivalist training in the beginning) into one of the strongest. Not to mention the fact that, near the end of the series, Katara got some of the darkest scenes. She's the kind of person who likes to see the best in everyone but knows that there is a limit. It first happened with Jet, when Katara was the one to strike first. Then again with Zuko. Finally, she was the one to defeat Azula. That was amazing!
Espurr from PSMD: Yes, I know. Somewhat of an odd choice, given all of the many different Pokémon games, shows, etc. in existence. But Espurr resonated with me in a way that no other PMD character did in the past. She was the only one to make me hurt on the inside when the plot twists happened; I legitimately had to stop playing for a while when that happened! First that's ever happened to me.
Claire Temple from Marvel's Netflix shows: There is just too much awesome put into this one lady. Though she's not superpowered, crazily skilled with martial arts, or anything of that sort, she has something that puts her on par with all of the rest. She. Is. Fearless. If I didn't know better, this nurse would seem like more of a match for someone like Daredevil in a fight. Plus, she knows how to make you suffer. She's just so fun to watch!
Cisco Ramon from CW's The Flash: He's incredibly smart, he's got superpowers that could possibly override the main characters', and he has a lot of times to shine. Plus, he's a huge dork, and I love him for it. Though it's tough to choose between him and Sara Lance nowadays, Cisco has consistently been a favorite since he debuted in that one Arrow episode.
Washington from Red vs Blue: David (yes, that's his name) has been an extremely compelling character. He went from a wide-eyed idealist to a survivalist to someone who can trust in his friends again. His witty one-liners are amazing, and I love to see him succeed. Too bad he's allergic to cars.
As for the bonus, Kari McKeen from Pixar's The Incredibles: She does nothing but babysit for Jack-Jack (and off-screen during the movie), but between her calls and that animated short, it's easy to see just how severe her slow decent into madness was. She learned so quickly and did her best to adapt. She was so out of her league, but I actually kind of admire her because of it all.

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