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As a professional streamsman, what is your opinion on global warming?

I think that it's an important issue, but not something I'm well-enough versed in to say much more than that.

Do you have any pets? If not, why not? What would they be if you did?

I have no pets. I used to, but nature took its course and they are gone. Currently I have no pets due to financial responsibilities taking priority over wanting a pet.
I'd want a cat, because they're fun to play with, but don't require a ton of attention.

Have you ever considered streaming topless in order to widen your viewer base?

I definitely have, but I don't think there's a wide demographic for it. Am I wrong?

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If you try to take out a life insurance policy, is it really expensive once you tell them how often you like to Bug?

Yeah, I try not to mention that part about myself. I tend to tell them I prefer flirting and fingerprinting- Safer missions that are more covert.
It rarely works once they realize my name is spelled the same way backwards as it is forward.

If you had to marry one game that ISN'T SpyParty or MTG, what would it be and why?

Stratego. It's a relatively easy game to learn but it can be quite fun to try and trick your opponents, and there quite a few different house rules to keep it more than just the initial game. I would pick a more complex game, but often those don't end at all or are too tough in the whole 'finding-players' department.

what do you think about this app chatous

I know nothing of an app called chatous. Care to elaborate/link me?

Whatever happened to you and Caley and Tobo and whoever else making a unified stream channel for CONTINUOUS OPERATION? I was looking forward to that.

That was a one-off idea I had because of how well Caley and my scheduled sync up. We could do something like that, bu it would compromise a lot of what we already have, and be hard to do for anything more than a single event.
Could it happen? Sure, I suppose.
Will it happen? Probably not, for a variety of reasons.

Do you REALLY like spies and parties? I think you are faking.

Okay, I like parties, but I am unsure if I've ever met a Spy, so that one's hard to say. But I definitely like parties.

Would you say you're an introvert, or an extrovert?

I am 100% an extrovert. I love interacting and learning about people - friends, family, strangers. I have moments where I just want a moment's piece to recollect my thoughts, but overall I enjoy being in the company of people as often as possible.

If you could go back in time and stop yourself from watching any film, which one would it be?

This is an interesting question because I like unintentionally bad movies, but intentionally bad ones just feel overdone and too forced usually, so there is weird divide.
But if I had to pick? Probably Avatar: The Last Airbender
I just wanted it to be good, and it was not to be. I suppose if I were to rewatch it, it might fall in the divide of bad movies I enjoy, but because it's from a series I legitimately enjoy, it made it pretty cringe worthy.

Your hair looks amazing. What's your secret?

My secret?
First, I put the milk of a sour goat in my hair, and let it sit for an hour. The I shower, all the while thinking about Erebos and his lost souls. Once I am ready to shampoo my hair, I begin chanting hymns to the God of the Dead, while mixing shampoo with the dead skin of my closest friends. After I am done rinsing that out, I make sure to give the Gods a sacrifice (fruit or a piece of meat usually works), and thus, my hair is perfect.
Or my camera is just low quality and it makes it look better than it is.

Is the ultimate dream play in M15 to have Hot Soup on a Scuttling Doom Engine?

No, my dear friend.
The ultimate flavor dream is the cast Liliana Vess, the The Chain Veil, and then Garruk, Apex Preadator.

How many girls and boys have you held hands with?

A good number, I guess. But I don't really keep a tally so I can't give you any specifics.

If you could go back and time and watch any film while it was being made, which one would it be?

I would love to hear the discussions that went on while Kurbrick was making A Clockwork Orange. I just think it would vastly different than most any modern movies, but maybe that's just my optimism speaking.

Do you have any big nostalgia tv-shows/books/movies/etc? Have you re-watched/read/etc any of them and do they hold up?

Yeah, I have a few:
The Guyver - I used to love this anime as a kid, and I rewatched it a few months ago. It was so bad. I think the idea of a biosuit probably sounded so cool to me as a kid I didn't care about the rest.
Johnny Dangerously - This used to be on Comedy Central a lot when i was younger, and one day I ended up getting the DVD because I loved it so much. This movie really requires you to be in the right mood for its humor, and when you are it's cheesy, but that's part of its charm. Hit & miss when shown to friends though.
Kids in the Hall - I used to watch this a lot, and rewatching it I never really realized how progressive this was. Sometimes the humor can be a bit outdated, but this is probably the best of the bunch. Kids in the Hall is just a great sketch show, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who has never seen it.
Godzilla - When I was a kid, I really liked Godzilla, so naturally I ended up with a few of the movies here and there, all on VHS. Note that when I am discussing these, I am talking about Showa era (1954-1975) and none others. I got to watch some of these again, and although they are super campy, and the effects aren't great, I feel they hold up pretty well and I do legitimately enjoy watching them.
There are definitely more if I drudge up memories, but those are the first ones the come to mind,

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I've made it a goal for myself to ask you a question each night, how do you feel about this?

I feel like you will get to know me pretty well if you ask your questions wisely. :D

You told me to ask you a question but I couldn't think of a question, What should I ask you?

I'd suggest questions about streaming, gaming in general, and SpyParty community stuff.
I know that whenever I go to ask peeps questions online, half the time I forget what I wanted to ask, so it's all cool. <3

Who would win in a Fight : Hot soup vs. Chancellor of the Dross, go.

Hot Soup, for a few reasons:
1 - Converted Mana Cost goes a long way, and Hot Soup comes down way earlier than that silly Chancellor.
2 - The Chancellor has teeny baby hands which could barely grasp the handle of hot soup, although his metal claws would allow him to hold it without burning itself.
3 - The Chancellor would ignore Hot Soup, seeing as it's not an organic life-form it can corrupt
4 - Not even Phyrexians understand the great taste of Hot Soup! Silly Phyrexians, Hot Soup is for fully organic beings!

Favorite type of soup?

Potato and Bacon soup, but I actually want to try more soups. Soups are just a neat kinda food that I am tempted to try learning how to make.

How many Central timezone viewers do you think you have?

Probably only a handful, if that. My schedule really only works for midnight streaming (reliably) and when I have tried streaming so people in Central could watch, my viewer count wasn't really any different.
So it's kind of an awkward situation, but if I could make it happen reliably and regularly I probably would.

Are you rolling in the Twitch monays?

Not particularly, as I don't have a sub button, it makes it hard to make money on my end. I've gotten a few donations (<3 you all), but I've gotten even more games as donations (<3 you guys/gals too) which I love as it lets me keep things fresh in ways I know my userbase wants to see.
I'd love to get that far in my streaming career, but when I "married" SpyParty I made a decision to stream what I love and make that my priority, so in a way it's my own fault, I can't really complain.

if you ever caught pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, would it turn into a palindrome?

I think the ash in my throat would prevent me from voicing words decently enough to turn it into one.

What is love?

Love is a culturally defined term that has changed a lot to my understanding.
I tried writing out a definition of what I feel it is, but it's not easy to do. Love really is whatever you need it to be, don't let anyone else lord it over you or make you feel like you need their love, especially considering it probably isn't love a that point anymore.

If I own Blackacre, and I will it to my son for life, and then to his firstborn child if he has one for life, and if he doesn't to my brother and his heirs, and then at the termination of either of those, to my sister and her heirs, which interests created by the will are valid under the Rule Agains

I'll leave this question to my legal advisor, long-time personal friend, and occasional viri-impersonator.
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