Ask @DreamyGuardianAngel:

Yay!! I wanna draw you cause your my new friend now and we're gonna have lots of adventures! *Shino takes off a tiny blue backpack that has a kitty keychain hanging off it and she pulls out some crayons and paper for you and Goth* I'm gonna draw us as pirates! Looking for treasure!

Thank you! *she takes a crayon and a sheet of paper*
Mh...what can I draw? Do you have any idea Shino?

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+10 answers in: “Ameeekkoo do you like drawing? *Shino tugs on your hand*”

*Goth heard @ReaperInTraining calling for him and rushes over to you both accidentally running straight into you lol* Shino!? Oof!! S-Sorry!! Are you okay!? I-I didn't know there was someone else here too!

Oh, hi! You must be Shino's brother, right..?

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+9 answers in: “*A small skeleton girl about the size of a teddy bear hops over to you* Oh! Haaaaiiiii!! My names Shino! It's nice to meet you!”