Ask @Dude314:

What to write with chalk on the asphalt under the windows of a loved one?

Something that you feel or something that is just so damn heart warming about them. A quote and a heart of your choice or just something that's an inside thing between you guys, something that will show how much you truly love them

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At least your out out that relationship😂 but ok just wanted to know if you guys were talking or not 👍🏾

DOnt call my friends crazy

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We'll see how long that lasts tho if she's as crazy as you said they won't be together for long😂

She changed, she's an amazing person. Like helpful as hell

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I have been💀 that's how I know she's talking to some nigga tbh sounds like she's whipped

Tbh I'm fucking happy that I she found this amazing dude

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Cuz isn't she talking to some nigga, then she would be a cheater

Nah man I tell her to stop when she is doing something or even being close to something like that

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