Ask @DulcetRefrain:

If someone were to create an animation and put on one of your covers in it, but turned on ads, would you be alright with it? I'm very, VERY sorry if this came out as rude. As a side note: Keep up the good work on your covers! They're amazing!

No worries, it didn't come off rude. ^^ I'd be a bit irritated since I specifically ask people to let me know if they're monetizing anything using my work. Thank you!

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Why do you ever sing? How your hobby/job/etc. of singer ever began? Where do you take your ideas from?

Mobby Butcher
Hmm, well I started singing when I was younger and I just really loved it. I used to listen to a band called Evanescence and just really loved the way the vocalist (Amy) sang, so I'd sing to her songs. xD Besides that I just really loved to sing, it made me happy, and it kind of stuck with me as I grew up. :3
As for where I get my ideas from, I just listen to music and see what pops into my head. n__n Looking at artwork or reading poetry also helps.

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