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maybe right person wrong timing but I can’t be stuck on someone

Who are you stuck on?
If it's the right person then it's never a wrong timing.You have to just undo the wrong to right.

Worst heart breakup stories

niharikags5’s Profile PhotoNiharika Gs
I was in a relationship for 4 years,I was very much in love with her.She had said she loved me,wanted to marry me,then after 4years one day she says I don't know if I ever loved you and I don't know what love is,I am confused.

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You're doing good in life and then there's your ex having the audacity to text you after a whole supereon.

Aadrika_12’s Profile PhotoAadrika
It is when finally things are going the right way,that's exactly when the ex enters.

What is this best way to deal with a break up?

Accept the pain and don't run away from it.Cry if you want to.Give time to yourself.Pamper yourself.Do the things you love doing.Accept the fact that it was never meant to be and gradually try and move on.

I'm married to my BF . He is my first and last love. He doesn't believe in marriage. He feels monogamy is not his thing . We have talked about it and he want to date someone . I found out he has feeling for another girl from his previous organisation (while we were in relationship). Wt to do?

Leave him.You deserve better.

How to get over my sexual desires?

Why do you want to get over them!?It is absolutely normal to have sexual desires.Everyone has them.

I think I'm suffring from depression. But i can't tell anyone, what to do?

You can share it with me,if you feel comfortable.
If you feel that you are unable to handle your depression please show a doctor.
I have been suffering from depression for quite a few years and I have reached out to a doctor.
Just know that it is okay to reach out to a professional when you are going through mental health issues.


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