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Does your McDonalds order ever change?

Honestly no, it's either a big Mac and shake or occasionally I go with a McFlurry

eBook or physical book?

Depends. Ebook is what I mostly read but a book, well thats a different thing...

Hot tea or ice tea?

What sort of stupid question is this? I'm English there is only one way to have tea

Just been going over Colonisation again, and your review sprung to mind. You said the first 2-3 chapters bored you nearly to abandoning it; what three (or so) things would you suggest changing? Or what do you feel needs the most attention there? Cheers! :-) Hope you don't mind the brain picking :-P

richardstheone’s Profile PhotoRichard Holliday
This is a very old question and I have not reread recently but, it was mainly character interactions.
I found the teenage crush with the secretary to be pointless though it later turned out to be the sister of a "villain" I feel it might have been better to introduce him Leo as a direct character perhaps in the sense of a fellow pupil also going for membership in the academy.
I fear without rereading and giving a blow by blow analysis I will struggle to really answer this question
I think to sum it up; it was slow and didn't really add to the later story which was far better...

What would you say are your three favourite non-gaming hobbies and why?

Watching TV - I love my tv shows
Reading - because I like to be transported to another world
Writing - because I can say that now

What got you into writing, and what's stopped you from finishing any shorts for about 10 years?

Hmm I originally started writing song lyrics when I was a young teen mostly emulating my favourite bands at the time, I then went on to write quite a bit of poetry. I left school at this point and having nothing better to do I read a hell of a lot of books which made me want to write something bigger, I was around 16 at the time.
I finished 4 or 5 shorts and was a quarter way through my first novel by the time I was nearly 18 and started working (my mum insisted that I couldn't lounge around at home all day anymore)
Why have I not finished anything since then? Mostly laziness, I have certainly started about 10 pieces but also because I drink too much and I can't write when I drink.

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