Ask @DylanPrismLadd:

What is something you wish more people understood about you? Very open ended but looking for personality traits, hidden strengths of weaknesses, hidden talent, etc.

Personality trait wise: As much as I like to joke and downplay whenever I feel bad about something; I usually do feel a little more burdened/hurt than I'd like to ever admit. I also do take the also take "my improve whenever you can" a little too much to heart sometimes, and I do feel bad whenever I feel I under perform in anything (whether it be in art or games).
Hidden Strengths: I feel I learn things really quick; I also try my best to compete in whatever I can and have fun while doing so.
Hidden Weaknesses: I do feel bothered at times when people disfavor me and don't tell me; like I'm glad whenever the ultimately confront me and tell me why they're hurt so a resolution can be met. But I do feel ultimately bad once I find out.
Hidden Talent: uhhhhhh I complain and argue well and objectively ahehaeaehaehaeehaehaeheah
etcetc: Ultimately I want people to understand that they can always feel free to either speak their mind with me and if they want someone to be there to respond (OR JUST LISTENING IS ALSO FINE BY ME) they have me as an avenue in that regard.

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