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Where does all your money go?

Into a box that hade like 120 now like 20 I spent it on steam gift vouchers but I have 70$ in my bank so tar

What’s your favorite clothing brand?

Don't know really I just buy clothes but like ones that suit me at e.g jay jays

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What countries would you travel to if you were to do a world trip?

Italy(to see pewds), Canada , Mexico (to eat a real barito)

Who would you call first if you won the lottery?

A charity giving all my money to cancer or something I don't need that money :/

You're planning a nice dinner party but could only invite 3 people. Who would you invite?

Jim carry, Michael brennen(best friend),your mum

What great quote would you like to share?

Life is like riding a bike to keep your balance you have to 'keep moving' :)

Have you ever stolen anything?

I was in Caltex and I once accedently stole a lollie pop I didn't mean it I just happend to put it in my pocket at one point I was at the skate park an hour later then realized that there was a lollie pop in there :/

What worries you the most?

Well nothing no but the most thing that would worrie me is dying alone...(dramatic tear goes down face)

What was the worst meal you have ever had?

A vegetarian meat burger I ate once it was made from oily stuff carrot and some others ;(

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

By drinking 14924 litres of pepsi max 1000 packets of chips and a video game marathon with friends and last time we did lazer tag pretty cool...

How long do you need to sleep to be in good shape?

Umm I think I read about this once but I don't know all I know is that u can loose a bit of weight sleeping FUN FACT :D


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