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People don't comprehend this but nothingness is quite fulfilling. It makes an empty soul, that is devoid of parity, whole. By filling that emptiness with subliminal notions that remind them of their strength & what they can do to come back stronger. It only takes a pause, solitude & detachment from the world, and voilá! They grow mature & wiser as a person, an incredible new version of themselves!
It depends on how you take your darkness & blues, whether you turn them into your favor or odds. 🍀🎰

What's going on in your mind?

Since it's my profile & I've had a great urge to share my viewpoint regarding something that's bothering me for a while now;
It irks me how every Pseudo-feminist & Alpha Sigma misogynist on the internet is influencing the young generation out there.They are merely cashing on by swiping religion - feminism - women - victim - chauvinism and different excessively used cards and by spilling hate or supporting controversial opinions to target a wider audience through various routes & instilling negativity regarding others.All these creators are spreading superiority complexes whilst triggering inferiority complexes among their audience & that's sickening. They talk about marginalized, bankable & marketed opinions & beliefs to gain views!
Random 30-year-olds are giving life lessons via podcasts & reels w paid actors to make their conversations look legit and talk as if they have attained wisdom through their capped & specific experiences in their respective industries which to them have been obtained after undergoing 'all walks of life'.
They stir around sensitive topics, general insecurities & things they know their audience lack & what they could be going through,they talk about money,heartbreak,how getting a degree is unimportant & tell others to chase money so that they can rise higher and most importantly,how they are right and others are bad.Can't ever stop asserting that only money can solve all their issues and treat women like a doormat.
To such mindless & lifeless clowns women are fixers & their rehab center. Only born for them, literal embodiments of delulu fr! 🕳️👩🏻‍🦯

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What have you learned from your experiences?

•You don't have to react to every action. Sometimes it's better to take the seat & not be the other's karma.
•If something is yours, meant to be yours, or real, it'll remain yours. It doesn't mean it's not real, but that it's not certainly yours. Take reality checks as they are.
•Before hating yourself & others or saying that you've trust issues after making idiotic decisions first identify where the problem lies, it's always you or them? Does your problem stay the same when you handle it differently? Instead of gaslighting or blaming others for your setbacks take accountability for your everything.

What does your experience say?

Life itself is a long learning experience.
Hindered by uninvited unpredictable & never-ending changes supported by different emotions. Some days are dreamy, some days are more of a nightmare. You can't & shouldn't expect it to remain the same. Life can flip upside down within the blink of an eye. It truly depends on how you manage it. If life gives you lemons you don't have to make a lemonade out of them, you can simply squeeze them in the eyes of those who give you them or simply throw them. Instead of focusing on something bad or investing your time into transforming it into something good just move past it.


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