Ask @EA132002:

Neki kar aur _____ ?

It's neki kar aur darya mein daal..
Magar iss zamane main loug nekiyaan kar kar ke jannat mein waqt se pehlay pohanch jate hain magar unhe unki neki ka sila nahi milta ..😞
Sad! But it actually mean 'Neki karein aur apni nekiyoun ke darya main khud hi doob jaiye , ya intezar karain apko aa kar koi na koi darya main phenk hi dega😒 😕✨

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So you don't get hurt by criticism ?

The credit goes to my mama..😃
I never get hurt by anyone's impolite criticism because of my shadeed azeem tareen mama!! She's always there to shaheed my izzat & to throw fiery critism over me & no one ever gets a chance to talk about me.
When it comes to tareef my mama treats me like a saas. 😂❤️
Shayid yeh mama 'oun ki quom apni aulaad se zyaada doosroun ki aulaad ko hi farmabardar farishta jaanti hain (beshaq wo farishtay asal mein shaitam ke assistant or mustaqbil main jehnum ke incharge ho..) 😭😄✨

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How to lead a good life ?

I wrote these points in my diary & i'm sharing these now ..
Disclaimer: It's gonna a be a long answer😊✨
▪️Stop making unnecessary demands & having expectations from uncapable people. Never depend on anyone. Don't get too attached with people & stop relying on hopes given by them.. Keep brief contacts & relations . Don't get too close with strangers .Otherwise you'll end up getting hurt.✨
▪️Try to live more lively , learn from your mistakes (first , accept your mistakes) & move on with a lesson.✨
▪️Appreciate people around you , who do things for you .Be grateful for what you have. Adore & stand with people who stick by you & care about you no matter what you do to them & in what fiasco you're in! Celebrate their exixtence ❕❕✨
▪️Try to make ways for others & while make your worth as well .✨
▪️Be responsible for your every act, never play blame games to get rid of problems. Don't give lame excuses. Accept your flaws and groom your personality , work on your own betterment cause no one's gonna do it for you. Don't act like you're a farishta , pious or the purest. ✨
▪️Be inititiative , spontaneous & hopeful . Trust your inner instinct & people will do the same .✨
▪️Don't give your precious attention to those who don't deserve it . Never get sidetracked & influenced by the remarks of people who don't care about your well being .Never let anyone the power to control your emotions & actions .Don't let anyone influence your mood & decisions. Those typical aunties & uncles (neighbours & your 'door ke rishtedaars') aren't living your life , they can't experience the daily crap you go through , Don't get hurt by their sarcasm & criticism .They too aren't gonna care anyway .❕❤️✨
◼️Just focus on positive things in life , Look there's always a bright side❕ Work hard on your present for a beautiful future instead of screwing up the moment you are in by weeping or over thinking. Try to smile & laugh instead of becoming a dukhi rooh .Bid your frowns , worries & tears adieu for life & you'll lead a beautiful life😄💐💞

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How to solve the crisis of boredom you have ?.

I've come to this point where i find sleeping the greatest cure ever✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
It's freaking therapeutic , the easiest way to cut all the crapy things in life ! You die for a while & live a dream for some hours ! Crazy!! 😫😩😭
I'm gonna sleep now. 😂

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