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Sir..I stammer.-..Could you--- suggest...- tips . to overcome this problem?-.---I have undergone speech therapy too---..- and it has helped only a little!

Since when did you begin to stammer, my friend?
In what situations do you stammer and tell me how old you are?
Stammering can be fixed, but you and I will have to do a little background study into the why, when and how it happens. I look forward to hearing from and I'd like to talk to you as well.
Call me on +91-9790590570 and email me on
Believe me, you can fix stammering in a day.
I did, but I didn't know how to, until rather late. You don't have to wait that long.
Have a great day!

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You want to look for better prospects but your qualifications and your work experience don’t match. When your CV is submitted, you are in a quandary cause you don’t have experience in your field of specialty and don’t have a certification for you present proficiency and work experience. Help!

Hello there!
The situation of jobs available, but not in relation to educational qualification is becoming common.
Early in your career journey, it is critical to land a job even if it is not in direct relation to your qualification, keeping in mind the present competitive environment. Gain working experience, because it helps you to acclimatise yourself to a workplace environment. Landing a job early, also avoids idle-time or downtime which can demotivate a fresh graduate.
Now, while you are on the job, keep an eye out for openings in your line of interest or specialty. When you find one, the interviewer is going to quiz you on the unrelated experience for which, your response will be, 'Until I found the opening of my choice, I decided to keep myself occupied.' You will be appreciated for this responsible approach. Two, when confronted with the 'no-experience' quandary, your response will be, 'To gain experience, I will first, have to be given the opportunity.'
Consider this possibility as well: You might end up doing well in the unrelated field and may also begin to like it! In such a scenario, take the leap into this unrelated field but qualify yourself with the right education and knowledge that is required, through a distance education course or a suitable training institute.
Wish you the best!

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Hi! What are the questions that I must ask myself if I am to be sure that it's time to quit my present organization?

Where was I (when I joined)?

Where am I now (in comparison to when I joined)?
- Have I progressed?
- Have I learnt?
- Am I contributing, meaningfully?
- Am I learning more?

Where am I going?
Is the place I intend to join, better (not necessarily bigger) than where I am?
- Will I develop more, not just professionally but personally?
- Will my scope for learning and contributing expand?

Tell me how you fare with these questions and I look forward to your reply.
Regards and wish you a good day at work!

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Hello sir, I would like to know if you are tutoring in career related education and personal development programs only or you also make job placements for yr students? Thank you!

Well, I presently recommend a prospective employee to a potential employer, if I know that there is a suitable opening, but not in the way a traditional recruitment agency would do. You could register on job search sites and HR agencies because their reach is tremendous and the range of jobs available through these channels are plenty!
Good luck and stay in touch.

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Want to persue MBA in HR and Marketing. But confused in what to choose either full time or correspondence. Also in which university in India . kindly suggest.

Hello there!
Pursuing an MBA is a great idea but you must first decide why you want to do an MBA and what subject you would like to take up.

Why MBA? - Is it only for added qualification, or are you keen to learn and specialise in a subject? Most often, an MBA is undertaken for the sake of furthering job prospects or for landing a job but, equally, the disappointment with such an objective is huge - An MBA does not guarantee a job or a promotion. On the other hand, it helps increase your knowledge vastly, so that you may apply the theory to your practice. In other words, it will help you perform better at work. So be certain about your objectives.

As for subjects, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource development are popular but you have several electives when you choose a subject - a combination of topics like Quantitative Analysis, Managerial Accounting and Management Information Systems are also taught along with the core subjects, so when you choose a course, you will end up cross-learning quite a bit!

You can take up a distance course if you are already working and can't take a break or sabbatical but usually, a residential program ends up giving you more exposure to practical exercises, workshops, plant visits and not to forget, direct access to your professors. Of course, residential programs cost more.

When choosing a college, don't worry too much about placement offers or 'claims' of placement, but focus on the faculty and the alumni. Do a bit of background research, with facilities and infrastructure in mind and you might be surprised that a really remotely placed institution, lesser known, may be graduating the best minds!

All the best and keep me posted.

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A manager in my office is very bossy. Because of her, my team leader is quitting. This person is always breathing down our necks and speaks very insultingly. After my team leader leaves it will be hell for us. Most of the staff have left because of her. She is here for last 5 years. What should I do

I have noticed several managers, mostly untrained in people management, who use offensive behaviour as a defensive mechanism - they are unsure or distrustful of their teams motive and so adopt threatening behaviour (as if to say, don't think you can fool me).

Some pointers:
Ask the manager in which area of your work, he/she would like you to improve?
Say that you are open to critical input and correction.
Then, say that you cannot handle his/her insulting manner of speaking.
What is most important to any individual is self respect. Don't let anyone take that away from you.
You must be assertive when saying this, yet polite. Say, "Please!"
Remember, every leader or manager is trying hard to do justice to their role. See what you can do to help that. Building a bridge will go a long way in sustaining both your careers.

If assertive communication does not work, escalate the problem to the next level. If your management is progressive and would like to resolve inter-personal conflict in the interest of organisational growth, chances are things will get resolved. If not, you are in the wrong place. Find another job!

Note: Be calm, when speaking with your manager today (Yes! Do it today).
Wish you the best and will look forward to hearing from you.


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Hello!Could you elaborate on Numeracy skills required for a fresh non-math arts graduate to land a job? I'm keen on honing my math though not a great math fan in school. Your blogs cover most other skills with anecdotes that are humorous and have helped in driving home pointers. Looking forward. TY.

Numeracy skill is the ability to calculate or measure value mentally and without too much effort. For instance, if you were at a clothing store that said 25% off on something that is priced at 3400, it might be tough to calculate it just like that but you can arrive at ten percent mentally, which is 340 and add another 340 making it 20% ie,. 680 and another 5% (half of 340, which is 150+20 = 170) to make it 850!
Breaking it into simple parts, you can approximate quickly that the apparel which has a 25% discount, will cost you around 2500.

Numeracy skills are fun, but it requires mental practice and techniques. You could gauge approximate time taken to travel based on the speed that you are driving at, or assess when you need to fill fuel again, based on the average kilometers or miles that your car returns, per litre (we used to do this until the new age cars introduced fuel gauges that tell you everything).

But that is the bottom line of numeracy skills - to be able to calculate, approximate and estimate with ease and without using too much time or technology. At your workplace, your ability to read numbers and figures will help you analyse data and to project results which, in Marketing, is called the probability factor.

There are several more applications at work and at home, for numeracy skills.
Do take a look at these two links and

Great question and stay in touch!

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Hi, how does a person prepare himself to quit one organisation and join another for better prospects without having to face an inbetween period of unemployment?

Hi there!

I'll answer your question in two parts.

Leaving a job for better prospects, is advisable only in the early stages of your career. Reasons for quitting one's job at this stage can range from not having enough scope for learning, having to deal with an unprofessional manager or not feeling motivated on the job, as motivated as when you first joined.
In the next stage of one's career (7-15 years of working experience), it is not advisable to move, or job-hop. At this stage, one is moving into middle management strata, a crucial stage when accountability is high. Your organisation will begin to rely on your efficiency and experience. This phase is one of consolidation, a phase in which your managerial skills are being honed and tested. If you must change jobs at this stage, the grounds must be solid - slow career growth, decline of the organisation or being side-stepped due to internal politics (which is inevitable as you climb the ladder).
15 years + of working experience and you are beginning to knock on the doors of senior management positions. Contrary to common belief, this stage justifies job-changes because you will seek bigger challenges if you have peaked in your present position.

The second part of my answer is related to your question on how to prepare to quit and join elsewhere, without facing a period of being 'jobless'.
Do not leave unless you have a confirmed offer from another organisation. If however, you intend to quit abruptly - mostly due to inter-personal conflict, I would advise against it. Impulsive reactions may serve the moment but will devastate your long term career prospects. If however, the organisation has served you notice for whatever reasons, you are allowed to seek out a new job and attend interviews during this period.

Finally, if you are leaving for better prospects, don't quit your present organisation without first informing them of your intentions and explaining the reasons why. It is likely that your present employer may try to fill the gap in your expectations to the extent possible. While you are entitled to seek out another job, the organisation is entitled to try and retain you. At every stage in your career, be professional in your actions.

Wish you the best and do keep me posted.


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Hello. Could you tell me how a woman can cope with her career breaks so that it does not affect her work life?

Dear Friend,
You are probably referring to breaks due to marriage and child bearing, which working women experience during their career. Most organisations are happy to have the employee back, after the break, providing the position has not been filled. The gap that you will experience, once you return, is that of being a little out of touch with the current scenario. You could keep yourself updated with the help of newsletters and magazines in your industry for trends and relevant news. After getting back to work, catching up with your job responsibilities is only a matter of time, if your co-workers and managers will cooperate in getting you up and going!

If you are referring to a sabbatical that you took to pursue a degree or if you have had to travel overseas or were off on medical leave or such other reasons, you may have to look for a new opening when you return. Keeping abreast of industry is still critical but explaining the gap in your service will be the key.

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Sir, 'keep the mind productive' made me realize the problems I face at work & personal front. Now I will look out for holes and plug them before negativity creeps in. Your article is excellent. I will follow your tips and look forward to transforming myself for the better at my work place.Thank you.

Thank you dear reader, that is most kind of you.
I'm glad you found the article useful.

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Thank you. Your response is not really helpful.

Dear Hardworker,
I seem to have missed something in my response.
Tell me more about your work and why you have to work the long hours that you do.
I'm sure we could together find a solution to your predicament.
Look forward to hearing from you.
PS: If space in the question box is insufficient, please feel free to email me at

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I hav been readng your articles on ‘Time Mgmt’, I have a prob and I would appreciate your advice. My work hrs are from 7.30 - 4.30pm but I am always on my toes til aftr 5.30, sumtimes upto 7. I’ve bin told dat my work is apprciatd and dat I am very efficient as I complt it in half tim. What do I do?

Dear Hardworker,

You are already working 9 hrs a day which is overtime. If you are on your toes for one more hour, you are either leaving too many tasks unfinished or finishing others' work as well. Slow down. You can't keep this up for long.


Note: Don't get too carried away by people who say that you do things in half the time. They may be taking advantage of your diligence and could overload you with work.

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I've been reading your articles and find them not only very interesting but also very doable.I was looking for an article which emphasized on the importance of personal grooming which I could share with my colleagues but I didn't find one. I will look forward to one in the future. Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback.
I will certainly post an article on personal grooming and trust you will find it meaningful.

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What do you do when your colleague presents your idea as his own and this keeps happening quite often?

Dear Friend,
If your colleague is benefiting from presenting your ideas as his own, at your cost, I recommend that you do not share your ideas except at a public forum or with your manager directly. It is a competitive environment in a corporate setting and you will do well to engage professionally.
Best wishes,

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How do you handle a crabby and negatively inclined boss?

When you say crabby, you must mean someone with a bad temper who flies off the handle very often.
It is hard to work with such a person. You are never sure of his/her moods and will not be able to engage purposefully. Identify first, how this affects your performance and then talk this out with the individual.
Clarify to your boss-manager that if you are making a mistake you are open to correction but not in this manner and not publicly, which is the case with most ill-tempered people - getting unduly upset at the drop-of-a-hat unmindful of the surroundings. If this does not work, escalate the problem to a level higher than your boss. This will not be seen as a complaint because any progressive organisation will look to retain its talent. If this too doesn't work, look beyond.
It's true that people don't leave companies, they leave their managers.

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Very well defined. Thank you so much.

Best wishes and do stay in touch.

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Thank you Sir, I now understand what it takes a man to be called a gentleman and its not just what the dictionary defines. It would be indeed interesting to know how you would redefine a 'Gentleman'!

You are right about us having to go beyond the dictionary which defines a gentleman as "a man of good social position" and gentlefolk, as "people of noble birth". The dictionary also states that a gentleman is "a courteous and honourable man."
I believe the word "gentle" finds rightful place in the word "gentleman" because we have always celebrated caring, sensitive and kind men in all cultures, down the ages. Peace-loving, reasonable and right thinking men have changed the destiny of nations. To be gentle (not to be misconstrued with weak or meek) is to not be aggressive and to seek rightful and common solutions to life's challenges. Naturally, education, reading, good company and reflection aid the 'gentleman' in this journey of transformation.

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Sir, could you please explain this quote? Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him. What does the author John Locke mean by this quote? What does 'begin' and 'finish' really mean here?

Dear Friend,
I believe John Locke means that the journey to becoming a gentleman starts with education but does not end there. A man is complete with reading (exploring and understanding the best minds and ideas through books), keeping good company (not associating with those having bad habits or negative intent) and reflection (self awareness and a keen comprehension of things around him).
We must now define what is a gentleman!
Best wishes.

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Good evening. I am interested in the kickstart program. I am a commerce graduate with a dip in CA. I am shy and an introvert by nature. I get tongue-tied when I am with people. Will this program help me overcome this problem? Will I be able to face an interview panel without getting tongue-tied? TY.

Thank you for your interest in EDUtorial's KICKSTART program. The answer to both questions is yes.
You can easily overcome hesitation when speaking with people and develop the confidence, but the key to this is a positive attitude and self-belief. Half the challenge is overcome when you visualise a positive outcome - in this case, to see yourself speaking up confidently. For an example, do read this article
Wish you the best and do stay in touch.
- Edwin

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