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hi pls import more pants! need them for work! printed or navy/blue/maroon ones :)

We'll definitely try!!! We just launched an internship/work collection, do check it out at www.ellysage.com!

Is the owner of Ellysage studying fashion in London? Everyone seems to be going to London to study fashion!

How sweet of you to think this! Unfortunately, no, the owner of Ellysage was in London for personal reasons :) But London truly is a magical place!

Why do a lookbook video instead of a normal lookbook (photos only)?

We've seen a couple of other fashion brands shoot lookbook videos and we think it adds more life than just photo-only lookbook shoots! But really, it was because Gwen's friend was a videographer and suggested doing a video. So all the credit really goes to him!

Who are the owners of Ellysage?

Ellysage is owned by Samantha and Fiona! You can find them on Instagram - samanthasoh & fionasohyuru!
P.S. they would like to add that it's the team that makes Ellysage so awesome, not them!

Omg I can't believe you guys did a shoot in London!

I know right?!! We can't believe we pulled it off too!

How did you guys shoot with your model in London! Did you pay for for the airfare??? Wow

It was luck, really! We knew some time in February that all of us would be in London in April. Initially we only planned to meet up for a meal, but as luck would have it, Gwen's friend wanted to shoot for us so there was a mad rush in the last week of March to plan the outfits!

How often do you travel to get stocks?

We travel about once every 3 to 4 weeks! It's really tiring, but at the same time extremely rewarding :) Seeing all of you wear your #ellysage outfits makes us really happy!

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