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I searched EXODICTED in fb, but there are so many, which one is it?

Can u send me a some of exo stuff so I can use them for my project about exo? My address is : 1512 Benito Ave. Apt.11 Alhambra CA 91803. Thank you so much

Can I apply to be one of your staff ???

Sure! We're hiring lots of people to be the part of 'Brand New Exodicted'

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For the EXO'luxion 2016, Do you think yixing will be there?

He should be!

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What happened between suho and chanyeol in their pre debut days?

What happened? Nothing's happened to them.

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how can we sign up on fansite

Do you think exo k is paid more than exo m? 😜

80% yes bcs EXO-K has CF, Endorsements, Ads more than EXO-M.

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By the way...If I want to be an EXOdicted's Volunteer do I have to go to Korea?? How this work?? And sorry for my crazy question but I didn't understand...LOVE YOU GUYS!! AND I WANT YOU GUYS TO KNOW THAT I REALLY LOVE YOUR HAIRSTYLES...I MADE TIPS ON MY HAIR BECAUSE YOU INSPIRED ME... :)

You don't need to go to Korea, volunteer works in their own country but you have to be an active fan (means willing to go to the concert and take pictures, selling our fansite goods etc) ^^

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Hi!! I just want to tell you guys that you made me believe again in singing...I was thinking to quit my singin voice because I think I don't have the perfect voice to sing in front of an audience...And I want Baek Hyun to now that Im practicing with his voice :-D. Thanks a lot. 나는 당신을 사랑합니다...

Good luck to you!! :)

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Hi! How do I download and open the files for the die jungs scans?

If its in the .rar you need winrar application to open it :)

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Hey to apply for the staff position, why does it say apply here and u cant even write anything down can u help me!!!! send me the link and help me i really wanna join

Hello! Sorry for late reply~
To apply for a staff position:
1. Go here:
2. Choose whatever position you want to be
3. Fill the form
4. Send it to

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hi i want to know if i join as a volunteer, what do i do? and is there any requirements to be a volunteer? thank you :)

Hi! Being our volunteer is easy. All you have to do is fill the Volunteer form ( and send it to
1. You should have Paypal and DSLR.

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hi ? uhmm , where can i watch all exo showtime episodes .. i mean the official ones with english subs?? i was searching for it but unfortunately i didnt saw anything ! please if you knew where, it would really a big help.. :)

what is exodicted club? Im really curious but interested. 😊

Its a fansite of EXO :)

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Hi Do you intend to come to Brazil? Where in the Brazil would like to visit?

We hope so ^^

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Hello any of you have whatsapp or official facebook?

if tao really separate from exo then you will post about him or not?

If Tao really quit, we have to stop posting about him.

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Có ai biết tài khoản thật của các thành viên EXO là j ko? Anyone know what the EXO'S member's real accounts are? Plz tell me

Phương Trang
Only Instagram accounts :)

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Is Tao gonna leave

Tao is stay in EXO.

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What does EL DORADO means? Is it one of Exo's songs?


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hi i want to be part of the exodicted club i want to be exodicted vlunteer

Oh really? Fill out the form and send to

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hi i wanted to support the Exodicted so i wanted to be part of it is their something i can do to support you???

Sure. Be our staff!

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Hello.. How can i give application forms about being one of the staffs of exodicted? (specifically in Graphic Design) Its because its my first time.

Just send ur form to p.s sorry for the late reply i hope u still interested

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be strong exo!!!!

Be strong EXO-L :)

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do you need an admin?


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