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What subjects do you study in school?

I don't believe in school, its literally a waste of time and money. Street smart is smarter than book smart here in America

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What are you regretting the most?

Not dressing warmer in the morning for my motorcycle ride to work 🥲🥶 I freeze my ass off every morning 🥶🥶

Are you a person with cold hands and warm heart or person with warm hands and cold heart ? 😁

Cold hand and a warm heart ☺

Whats your definition of hard luck? ?

I've never even heard of "hard" luck. I think you mean tough luck. I just see it as when something is harder than you expected, or when you get what you want but its not what you expected 🙂

What makes someone a “good” person? ?

Hard to say, but my girl is by far the best person I have met. Take away the fact I love her, she is just a good person

if someone ur usually mean to told u they were in love with u which is why the bugged you, how would u feel and what would u say

I'm not mean to anybody unless I actually truly dislike them. If was mean to a girl, its only because I actually do not care for her existence, like my ex-girlfriend Irina. I could careless if she was at my front door in fire, I'd just close the door on her and lock it In your case it sounds like I would be around said person a lot, so I'd probably say sorry, but I have a girl so she'd only be a friend because the girl I'm talking with wants a serious long-term relationship, so I'm fully dedicated to her and only her

What online games do you play?

Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Sniper Elite 4, Forza Horizon 1-5, Ride 2, Minecraft, I can't think of anything else currently 🙂🤔

What was your first time like?

First time what? Riding a motorcycle, first time at work.....I don't know what your asking? Please be more specific


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