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We need to change how we EDUCATE people. The factory model no longer applies

Another poem "Why I hate school, but love education"

School is so focused on "schooling" that we have lost education. It's so many rubrics and test and things to memorize, we have lost touch on teaching students how to think for themselves

There are so many ways one can learn; therefore, the educational system needs to understand that not every child fits into the same box. We are all unique, wonderful, special and exciting in our own way and teaching should be the same - Creative and positive for all!

Education happens everywhere throughout one's life - not just in the traditional classroom environment. Students, with proper guidance, should be allowed to discover. Education should never be a lecture. Education should almost always be a dialogue. Through dialogue, we learn.

This video was spot on. As someone who is now removed from the collegiate environment, I can honestly say that you learn far more in a work environment with people, than you will in a classroom setting. Ex: I can learn about budgets, but it only makes sense when I see how they affect organization

The dialogue between educational policy and what schools really need. Expertise isn't found in a textbook, it's in the classroom. Teachers aren't Gods but the system manipulates alot of their creativity because education is a science experiment , it's not one size fits all. Never has been and never

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