Ask @EdwardCalame:

What are your favorite subjects to talk about?

Of course current events is my all time favorite subject. I address things which impact Oklahoman every day in my blog Edward's Journal.
Today, I addressed how our state's Governor Kevin Stitt is working to try and make our state government more efficient and less tempting to spend more than it takes in.

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How easy was it to find out school closings yesterday?

Edward Calame
It really wasn't all that difficult. If you're on Facebook or Twitter most all school districts have pages on all those platforms. Many of them also have text alerts for closings and cancellations that you can sign up for.
Who needs a TV station when you can find out whether your school district is closed through all of those means? Ain't modern technology great or what?????? πŸ˜€

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Are you going to watch Super Bowl LIII tomorrow?

Edward Calame
No, I'm not going to watch Super Bowl LIII tomorrow. I go to bed around sunset and that's when the game takes place.
I have more important things to do. I don't think the NFL and CBS need any help in viewership. They're already going to have lots of people watching.
I will say this. I do hope Tom Brady and the New England Patriots win. That would show the jackals who are the Rams who really rules around here. πŸ™‚

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