Some members of your audience don't like some of the artists in your playlist. How do you deal with that?

Edward Calame
((LOL)) Well, you know what, I don't like some of them artists either. Those people are blithering idiots acting like they're experts on everything just because of their politics.
The problem is if I eliminated those artists from my playlist I wouldn't have much of playlist at all.
The main criteria I have for removing an artist or band is if they advocate and/or violence towards anyone. We had a situation like that where an artist named Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House because a Republican (Our current President) was in there. The moment it was brought to my attention, she was removed from my playlist. A darn shame too because she had some good music.
The bottom line is you don't like an artist, you don't have to listen. There is always the mute button. 🙂

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