Ask @EdwardCalame:

Why can't we forget the ones we loved?

It's so hard to do so, we lost one of those people here in Comanche OK recently. Our hometown newspaper editor and publisher Steve Bolton.
He took such good care of our community with the Comanche OK Times. Very thorough in his coverage of events here in town. Very irreplaceable.
Wishing Kelli the best of luck with the Times.

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Which person in your family do you look most like?

My dad CB. who would have been 96 today. When I do yard work or go out to the lake,
I would always think of C.B. Whenever there's a problem in the yard, he would always find a unique solution to it.
Just yesterday I noticed an opening that my dog Gizmo could use to slip under. I found an old tree bark to tape to the bottom of the fence. It's very thick tape that Gizmo can't chew off. Now, he can't escape this route.
Everyone misses C.B. I do too. He always has solutions to everyday things.

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