Ask @Efflorescencebymaya:

Why don't you post your own pictures on your blog???... because I'm not really sure you are who you say because you've never posted anything other than stock or borrowed pics!!!!

It's a personal choice I have made for some convictions I have, along with privacy reasons. I will say that everything I post on my blog is absolutely true and my words are how I love to share my life not my pictures.

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Wait, you like Glee?? I thought I was the only blogger who did! Yay :) :) :) :) !!! I have to ask you, what's you all-time favorite performance on the show?

Ahhh, yes. Glee is my guilty pleasure ;)
My favorite of all time is still Don't Stop Believin, because it is just classic. But my favorite of Season Four was the Homeward Bound/Home mashup. It was beautiful and all the oldies. Loved it.

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Did you do traditional dating or more group stuff? What was your favorite thing to do with your husband when he was your boyfriend?

I first got to know him in highschool through a bunch of my friends all hanging out together. We didn't date back then, although we both had feelings but got to know each other by all spending time in a group. When we got older enough and believed it was the right time, we laid out what we both thought we should do and started going on dates alone for the first time. I really recommend all teenagers do the same! Your teen years are great, but it's good just to spend time in groups until your old enough to consider marriage.
Our personal favorite date was either walks on the beach or we both loved hiking! We also loved our weekly dates to take place in coffee shops :)

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Was there a point in your relationship with your now-husband that you realized that you were in love with him?

I had a crush on him for quite a while...and I thought I was in love with him, but I clearly remember the moment I really knew. It was last summer when we were in Germany when we had first started dating. One night, I remember us walking through the crowded streets at night and we just sat down on a bench and talked forever. Sometime that night in those crowded streets, I realized he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

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I love your blog so much!! What is it like being married so young? :) I can't wait to marry my sweetheart too - Lord willing :D

I love being married young! Of course there is a lot of disagreements with family members and a few friends on the matter. Personally, I found the man God wants me to marry and whom I desire to spend the rest of my days with - so why wait til were old enough in the world's eyes? As I woman, I desire to only be a wife and a mom. Plus, I love these days of being young and spending more of our life together. It's so sweet :) :) Hope you can experience the same bliss with your love!

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