Ask @Eilax:

What Is World??

To a blind, it’s his feeling searching for their conscience in dread darks.
To a deaf, his desperateness to listen to that music he sees headphones offer.
To a handicapped, his stick who’s submitting it’s each step to handle the body of him.
To a broken, it’s freaky smoke he sees in everyone else, every forth day, binding his emotions.
For me, it’s in my will, world can change, if your will has it to change.

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But but but doesn't that mean you care alot about what people think of you? Do you?

Hello, Starlight.
I think people are the best judge of your behaviour, sometimes someone wise can judge something about you which you might have left unnoticed.
Amending your personality on an honest advice is I guess not wrong, and no I’m not conscious about what people think about me, if that’s what you’re asking, but yeah I do care about how do I present myself when people are around me.

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