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eleanor you are the best <33

I try to! Haha, thank you xx

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kiss fromage France :) Love you xx

I thought fromage was a type of cheese! Kiss from the UK!

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Someone asked me to share this so here it goes. Click in "Vutar" or something like that! Thanks :)

Eleanor Calder (✔)

How's ur day? :)xx

els ѕяα #ƒ
Tiring but good!

View more well at least u have us ( the fans) to keep u company ! :D ( thou it is pretty late here as well )

You guys are my saviours, haha!

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Hi El I love your style can you give me a advice?

Of course!

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hey eleanor, ii was looking at yours and louis pictures today, you guys are awesome together and sooo cute, if only every relationsip was like this! you have inspired me a lot and ii thank you! love youu loads and loadsss beautiful xoxox ii know its late, but congrats with louis, im a DIRECTIONER XO

Thanks a lot dear! I'm very greatful for having the wonderful boyfriend I have by my side and whoever supports our relationship too! Xx

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Your acting,your music and your fans are perfect <3

My acting and my music? I don't remember being such an artist!

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say.. where r u now ? ( r u awake in the middle of the night )?

Yeah! Should be sleeping though!

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ele, i don't hate elounor. just respect. is real elounor or larry? i just want to know the true

"Elounor" is real, we're in love. Larry is and will always be just a friendship.

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Oh you are back, how are you?? you forgot your password right lol?

Camila Cabello
I guess! I had one and I used it for all my accounts but somehow I couldn't log in with it. I have no idea on what happened but I tried to log in today with the same freaking password and it worked! Magic :D

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how are you today? xx

Tety ❤
I'm good, a tad tired! Xx

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Wow! eleanor is online! i love you soo much baby

els ѕяα #ƒ
Sorry, I haven't logged in in ages! I've been busy and I kinda forgot my password. Got it back though! Xx

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whats your favorite movie???

Aleja Hernandez
Notting Hill for sure :)

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you and me. Narnia. Nutella. think about it PS: ask me I am forgotten D: xoxoxo

Let's go then!

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What sport do you do?

Is zapping a sport yet? It should be!

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Do you already have app for iPhone?


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Hi Eleanor! x I love u so much! Just wanted to ask what's your favorite thing about Louis?

How he makes me smile even when i'm having bad days! Xx

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What is your favorite mobile app?

Probably Instagram!

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what was your best date with louis?? <33

Sink Or Swim
I loved the Paris ones!

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Hi El...miss u princess!What's up in Dubai?

Jerome †
Hello! I'm having such an amazing time, for real! It's a dream :)

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You're an angel love you :)xx

Aw, love you too x

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