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Do you honestly love Madyson?and think bout that cause love is a very strong word

I honestly love her and yeah love is a strong word and I will use that word with confidence when it comes to her because its one of those things that you just know when you feel it
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So, this might be odd since I think the last time we talked was like 8th grade. But you seem like a hella nice guy and you deserve the best. Your twitter sounds like you're having a bad night which happens, but tomorrows a new day. Everything will work out in the end. Keep your head up kid.

Thanks I am having a rough night unfortunately... I wish I knew who this was

Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?

My friends definitely I have always gone to the same friends since about 3rd grade, we are more like brothers
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Why don't you try talking to her one more time. If she doesn't want to talk to you then leave it be... If it works this time it works



Stop! I tried, I think about it everyday I can't just instantly get her back even if I wanted to, sometimes things just need time especially when I'm not even sure what I want


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