Ask @ElizabethLizzyPurdySixMannion:

Dont you miss chilling with the people you used to in town? I know quite a few that tend to ask after you or where you went.. why wont you come back?

The past is the past, it's all behind me. The people who I used to be around, used me and treated me like shit. I left that life behind me and now they can't get to me at all. I'm still around, but I have other priorities, people that matter and care about me as I care for them.
After everything I did for them, pulled a good half of them of roofs, supported them as much as I could, I threw away a lot for them, all to have them throw it back in my face.
Atleast I can say I'm proud of who I am, I can stand on my own two feet and take on whatever comes my way, hostility taught me a better way. I'm stronger than all that may stand against me.
Of course I'd forgive them, but what happened that time ago can't be taken back.
Good Vibes. ~

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