Ask @Eliziticamd:

L O L cause the new EXO sounds like a good SHINee vintage song (with their own twist) -- you would love this track if it was them and be preaching about how it's "the bible" and "slays" ..... but because it's EXO ..... yup

but i havent listened to it ?? i honestly love EXOs RnBs cause thats what they do best. My Lady Moonlight, My Turn to Cry, XOXO, Baby Dont Cry, What If : these are all great songs. Much better than their pop singles. and im not an exo l so i dont rush to listen to their songs. if i dont like it then i dont like it simple as that, i dont really understand the point youre trying to make with "slay" & "the bible"... can you explain?

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what biterness are you talking about? ?

ohhh.... about people who give their opinions on a subject and then whine about how they lost followers. and then they keep giving their opinions on that matter and they keep whining... 😴😴 also people who feel the need to criticize a group, that they ignore 364 days of a year, but the day the group release music these people feel the need to go on and on about why they "dont like" this group

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