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What fantastic meals will be cooking or eating this upcoming weekend?

I am out of ideas. I have resorted to a jar of pasta bake sauce 😩

Is it true that your partner looks sexy like the lads from BTS?

Wowow let’s not go that far. No one can be as good looking as BTS 😩 but yes he do be very handsome 🥰

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Have you ever met any of your friends on here? If so who was it & how did the meet up go?

We don’t talk about that 🤣

By the time you have a kid everyone else’ will be like 30

Ok no need to remind me 😩😩 I’ll be an old mum ok 🥺

Do you watch any of the 90 Day Fiance series? Any favorite couples?

Brendan and Mary!!! The drama is so entertaining 🤣🤣

do you have anything fun that you'd like to try to do for Halloween?

I want my future house to always be super decorated! Looking spooky af 👻

Do you like your name?

I don’t hate it, but lowkey upset that my mums first choice for my name is my middle name 🥲


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