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what's your roblox story?

roblox anon
Sooooooo in 2012 I was all like oh my brother plays ROBLOX what even is that game I try it out and I really like it so I am new to it, I find out what ODing is and I really liked ROBLOX so then I bought the package the sk8ter hat the blonde hair the sunglasses and I was a real professional ODer, I ODed this guy name coolcoolguy2000 (you can find his account to this day inactive doe) and we were together for like idk 1 year?? (I was young gosh!!!) we got married had a child and blah blah blah.
As that progressed I got hacked numerous times making around 5 accounts in 1 year all buying BC. After the fifth account I was completely done with this shit and I just left ROBLOX for 2 years. Around that time it was either 2013 or 2014 that I came back and I was like ok NO ODING. And I was gonna be professional n shit, then I start building slowly and slowly, the one who really inspired me to build A LOT is viiiages she was awesome she did so many groups i participated all in them I supported her with everything. Then she quit and I almost cried. She literally gave me life to play ROBLOX AND BUILD, baby steps to even start building like her ahaha... When she quit I didn't know what to do so I just started joining random ass groups, from like infinite to VCHS to December to Unqiue all these random groups I had multiple friends who either A. Stopped talking to me B. Turn their back on me C. just talked shit. When I joined VCHS it was by a friend, slayys or I think he got a new name, anyways I was building pretty well by that time, and then I got fired... It wasn't a surprise tbh I got fired off of something very stupid I will not go into detail ok. Then I joined MEGAX OH BOI LET ME TELL YOU DID THEY FUCKING TREAT ME WELL. I loved max (previous owner) and yea so much stuff happened with them I just love MEGAX. by the time I joined MEGAX I was building realllllllllllly good. My dream was to be noticed. I always tried to put my self out their in ways, to group owners I would always fail, then I built for delias, thats when I kinda really god noticed? I am kinda a known builder not really? I mean ReindeerIce is the go to builder I guess I am the back up? Maybe not but anyways fast forward to now I build regularly i'm in school and I retired from MEGAX I work at infinite, noir, constellation, etc... I am a builder in all (except for MEGAX) and yea. I knwo this story is pretty back but eh sorry for grammatical mistakes, but yeah thats my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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