Ask @ElsieAleyna:

Aku selalu kalau boleh nak jaga perasaan orang. Tapi bila aku buat baik diorang tak pernah nak jaga perasaan aku. Sekarang rasa malas nak fikir perasaan orang lain. Aku kena buat apa?

Everyone goes through that challenge. Just buat baik like you used to do. One day, they will understand and hopefully they will be nice to you. Just calm down and relax. What goes around, comes around. I know sometimes people are like that. They tend to forget that others are being nice to them.. But maybe few years later, they will regret what they've done to you. Good things won't happen straight away or in a blink. But i believe, one day you will get back what you've did to others. Just continue being nice to others. I understand you and stay strong! x

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