Ask @ElswordEurope:

What is you favorite character in Elsword?

Hi! It's difficult to answer to this question, all characters have their positive aspects, but I really like Eve.

I like her background, she have an interesting story and she is also cute.

Here you can see two kind of avatar sets of Elsword, one is Henir - Lord of Time and Space and the other is White Dragon: Servius:

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Do you love autumn?

I prefer winter, but I like it a little. Autumn have amazing colours, beautiful shades of yellow, red and brown, but it's also a sad season for me.

Autumn could symbolize the end of life, the last season before death (winter).

Leafs dies... Nature went to sleep.

But, don't be sad! Spring will come back soon!

Here you can see a beautiful picture about Elsword with wonderful leafs:

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If you were shown today your first-grade self, what would you think?

Really nothing. This is a really strange question.

This is my first answer as "ElswordEurope", maybe I can use it for make presentation of myself and to say what I wish to do here...

Well... I'm person, as a lot of people, I'm nothing of special and I just wish to use "ElswordEurope" to talk about the game called "Elsword", especially the European server and I want to share news about it, if someone is interested on it. I don't know how many people like this MMORPG here, but if you want to talk about it, I'm here.

Let me also share a collage of two pictures that I like a lot.

Here you can see my first avatar and my first background used here, on "ElswordEurope", on Ask:

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