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Is the mountain still between us??

....I keep having the urge to reach out to you, but I realize....
....you're probably happier without me around....
.... you don't want to find me....
....my life really is empty without you in it....
....i don't see the point in anything anymore....
....I wish I was 27, maybe i'd End up a legend....


ElvenAce’s Profile PhotoElven..
Why couldn't we be real..??
Why couldn't we be all that..??
Why did you say those things if you really didn't mean them, if you only wanted to make me look bad..
Why am I a part of your sick game, you twisted individual..
The moment I get you off my mind I can finally flourish or rest forever soundly, solemnly..
My path is my own Idc anymore..


ElvenAce’s Profile PhotoElven..
People only wish to watch you fail..
Watch your downfall..
"The mess is entertaining.."
"People are entertaining.."
You People make me sick..
★ How much can we carve into an Alien before they explode..?? ★★ I'm only looking for something exciting, fireworks perhaps.. ★

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ElvenAce’s Profile PhotoElven..
I thought you were good for me, I thought you genuinely cared for me..
The moment you said:
"you're in love with the idea"
I knew you projected..
It's always been a slippery slope, but this time I'm sliding without holding hands..
I'm sliding to who knows where, a cave that doesn't get much deeper, much darker.. I don't think there's an exit..


ElvenAce’s Profile PhotoElven..
I can't fathom that I believed in you..
In something brighter..
You don't even deserve the time of day it takes me to read the messages you leave for me..
One day, you're gonna regret everything..
We could've soared in the right direction, but you just wanna stay still, stay miserable..
That's fine, you made your choice for the final time..

Do you think people say things to you just to see your reaction?

I have one friend who does that to me..
What can I say, I'm pretty expressive..

If Your Partner was doing almost everything right since you guys met (treat you so good you have no complaints) but you founded out he was sleeping with a friend. Would you leave or try to work it out?

Try to work it out..
I'd be extremely upset that they kept it from me..
But nothing an open conversation can't solve..
I'd probably already know, I'm un necessarily observant..

How well I'd do, is another story.. It's all circumstantial..

😔😔😔 This is the worst day in my life I just lost my cat this is really sad

Loss is never easy..
Cherish the good moments you've shared together..
Don't feel ashamed to let your feelings out or you'll never get through them..

May their soul rest peacefully..
& may yours do the same..

Why are some people selective with what questions they will answer? I sent normal anonymous questions to this girl and she’s answering every one but mine lol

Either they've answered it already in the past, don't know how to answer it, or it's not what they feel like talking about..

Tell me the day you were heartbroken? Were you able to sleep?

I either can't sleep for days on end or can't find a reason to wake up..
I've been heart broken too many time to recollect the stress I was under during those periods..
But I know it's been both sides of the coin for me..

You should let me love you the right way

What's the right way..??
I highly doubt a stranger could ever provide anything for me, let alone love,
of all things..
In a world incapable of love or even kindness..
enlighten me..

🦋 Written to the pages of an unread memory: 🦋

ElvenAce’s Profile PhotoElven..
Days pass..
Minutes pass..
Moments pass..
Feels like a life time,
that's because that's exactly what it is..
A life time is consistently filled with these little moments that make or break our sanity..
What is worth living for..??
What is worth standing for..??
What is worth fighting for..??
Why are you here..??
Do you appreciate the things that keep you grounded..
Or do you let them wash away along with the fleeting shoreline..
Do you have anything left to lose..??
Would you give the world to someone who needed it more than you..??
We live in a world where everyone wants to
T a k e..
A world where everyone would rather not give,
a f*ck,
a helping hand,
care, or
It's hard living a life when you know that you're part of the problem..
Part of the problem the whole world faces..
How do you fix such a huge problem..??
By breaking it down into smaller parts..
One day someone will hear you..
And that voice will impact others..
And so on..
Is a better world worth fighting for..
worth standing for..
worth living for..??
Is it worth all the moments I've experienced and will experience..??
It's seeming more & more pointless
as the days pass..
minutes pass..
moments pass..

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are you okay?

If I vanished forever..
What would be the final thing you'd want me to hear you say..??

wyd tonight 🌝

Making everyone feel less than special..
There's a reason I don't talk about anything I do cause whenever I do it hurts others..

I mess up too many times I can't count them all..
I'm not the one anyone wants around..
They just want to fill this empty space in time that we all have so much yet so little of..

Do you believe that there are people linked by destiny?

Everyone is fated to be where they are supposed to when they are supposed to be there..
Red String of Fate..
So in theory it's destiny to meet the people in your life, it's destiny for them to leave, or for them to hurt you..

We all live a life we have no control over..
We all have a part to play..

I hope you know that I miss you. You were my "everything". I'll never get over this, I'm just learning to live with the constant pain.

Pain is a constant in life, an inevitability..
There's definitely a strength when learning to accept things as they are and moving forward with this newfound burden..

Life doesn't get easier,
you get stronger..

When super drunk, # of times have you dropped your pants 👖 to show your big ass?

I don't drink around people in real life..
I will only drink in VR anymore, I don't trust anyone to have my best interest..
Rightfully so..
Besides, that's not a good thing to even brag about..
Like who cares about your ass..??

Do you even know that buy one get one free at the stores is a mockery for consumers? Guess what? They already raised their prices! You’re welcome! 😟🙄😬

True, the price only goes up anymore..
People out here milking the less fortunate for self gain..
It's pretty disgusting if you ask me..

People don't want me to be happy

People will always want you to fail, but you need to rise above the hate and do your own thing, don't rely on other people to make you feel any kind of way..
You have the right to be happy, so go get it..

Who made us ? Who made the animals ? I am upset. Who made you ?

We live a life where we'll never know how it all started..
But how you started is from your parents, focus on that and nothing further..
You'll just go mad trying to find answers you'll never know..

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Have you ever not tip the server because of bad service? If yes, he or she deserves it, right?

People do deserve to be shown that they need to improve, but by taking away their right to survive is a horrible way to teach them anything..
You indirectly tell them
"you don't deserve to be happy, you're not good enough,"
they'll believe you and choose to stay in those habits or to give up entirely..

Servers only get money to live from tips..

spread love to receive love, agree or disagree? why?

Spread love without the intention of getting anything in return..
No need to fill the world with more bitterness and hate..
Love is the answer..
Lead by example and people may follow..

What would be your reaction after your awesome presentation at work and I gave you a slow mocking clap 👏 and i said “great f*cking job, NOT!” 😜🤪😝🧐

Stunned that anyone would have the audacity to be so sh*tty..
Then I would ask, if I even felt like it after all of that, "Oh yeah, what could I have done better..??"


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