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That is tru. but yet. she took it off insta. so I mentioned about putting it back up and she said she would. couple days later still not on insta. and she took the taken on twitter.

as long as your relationship is okay, it doesnt matter what she puts on social media. maybe she just doesnt want to be so public about it
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Bc asked her if she would put it up. she said she would but never did

hmm. id just let it be. a date in her bio isnt as important as your relationship.

What do you think it means when you r in a relationship with a girl and she takes down the date you 2 start going out on social media's but you 2 still go out and the relationship still seems to be going okay?

i wouldnt worry about it too much. id maybe ask her about it but idk dont worry. you two are okay

please i am serious and i think youre really pretty dont worry im not that weird 40 yr old guy LOL


if i am gay but just want to try straightness once would you give me neck or something???

get off my ask fm

Just cause the law says no doesnt mean we cant have a beautiful relationship

prison is just a room right?


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