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Hey I'm just reading all these comments and these people are such dicks I think your very beautiful so don't listen to them an hmu sometime id love to talk to you;)

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Thanks and okayyyy
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So I heard that your the one with the rolly backpack at rdms... That must be embarrassing

Yup I am because I'm a seventh grader and walk in the hallways with my rolly backpack like I'm the coolest person that ever walk those halls
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Lol yeah but I think they almost got it now lol still a little confused but I mean 9th grade is gonna be like 7th grade was that stinks lol

Cool who is this
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7th graders are losers *laughing face* they can't even get around the halls haha right?!! Haha

They don't even know the school but it was kind of funny watching them get lost
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Bella's the one to fail taking selfies haha no that's you with fat flab coming out of your crop top in a selfie

It's a joke in the first place obovouisly you have no friends since you keep commenting shit on my ask
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I just wanted to let you know that you are a beautiful person. And your body is beautiful. You're not fat at all. Don't listen to them. You don't need to lose weight or starve yourself because you're perfect ily

Thanks text me :)

All imma say is you shouldnt listen to anythung any of these low life assholes are saying dont change for anyone cuz your perfect

Hahahah thanks text me :)

Uh yeah you do wear crop tops you're wearing one in your twitter pro pic you far dumbass and in one of your Instagram pictures. I tried being nice. You're too fat to wear those clothes either don't wear them or lose some weight to actually look good in them

Wow your trying so hard to be so nice thanks

Why do you wear crop tops? You don't have the body for it your twitter profile picture is embarassing and disgusting. You're stomach is huge. I'm js for you're own good. Just cause Caroline wears them doesn't mean you should

It's a free country I could do what ever I want an I don't wear crop tops just because Caroline does dump shit go get a life and stop writing on people's asks


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