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Emma Hancock
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Just chillin

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You looked beautiful at the game

I'm not sure what game you're talking about but thank you!

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are you still friends?


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what happened to you and issy?

What do you mean

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You looked beautiful in you picture on Instagram

Thank you!

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Hey Emma :D

Who dis

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Brooke Layton

What a hoe

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Aww Emma 🙈❤️



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Aaron medina

I love Aaron so much he's so nice to everyone and always makes everyone feel like they're cared about and welcome. He's the best guy I know for sure and I can't wait to go to his wedding one day when he marries a Victoria secret model.

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Alec p

I love talking to him! Rly nice and rly funny!

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Johny boren

Really funny😂 But his duck lips suck so

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Braden brown

Don't really hang with him that often but he seems super fun and like a really nice guy!

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Funniest kid ever

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drew cochran

He makes my best friend happy so I like him

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Thoughts on people I name

Okey dokey

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Your pretty


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Well i count as 3... So at least 35.


Lol you wish

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How many guys have you kissed??


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TBH? You are so fun to be around! You're so pretty! We need to hangout more💗 Snapchat me!


Thanks❤️❤️❤️ Yes for sure!!!!!

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tbh you're super good at taking pics and seem like a good friend and i cant wait until bball!

Alyson Wakefield

Thanks dude❤️ Me either!

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Last Kiss?

Don't remember

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# of followers?


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Tbh // Emma you give the best advice ever ❤ You're so gorgeous and so easy to talk to. You give off the best vibes ever & being around you is always so much fun. You're pretty much my favorite person ever. And I can't wait for high school with you 😊😊


Omg Lina I love you ❤️❤️ You're perf and I CANT WAIT EITHER OMG💗💗

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Have you ever had your heart broken?

Oh man lol

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