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Can you sleep with noise in the background or do you need complete silence?

Have to go to sleep with the TV on

how'd you react if someone you considered a friend had a birthday party and did not invite you, but they did invite other friends?

Fine? I'm not a kid, I don't care about birthday parties, not that any of my friends really have them

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British people: do you use the expression “way better/way more”? I don’t think I ever heard a british person saying it, it seems to be an american way of speaking.

I've heard it, probably used it, don't remember 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you were in a crowded place and accidentally stepped on somebody's shoe, would you say sorry to them or keep on walking pretending you didn't do anything?

I'd apologise coz I'm not an a-hole 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
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Why can't I say that I am from Spain if my family owns a house there and we go every summer? Maybe I feel as though I'm more Spanish than British.

Where you're from is dependent on where you were born and grew up. If you only holiday and Spain and weren't born there or have your formative years there, then you're not Spanish.

When you click on 'report' you get the 'report for spam' option. What constitutes as spam here? like, if someone sends the same question multiple times, does it classify as spam?

Yep, and sending stuff that's not a question
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your hair looks bomb. aint it too high maintenance tho

Thanks! It's not too bad, tbh. Dye it every month, maybe every 3 weeks, and bleach every 6-8 weeks. Cut once every 8-10, so... Nothing too bad 😊
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Is my friend selfish for forcing me to spend time talking to him online instead of letting me have fun on my holiday ?

Yep, and it's easily fixed since he's not there, so put on aeroplane mode and enjoy your holiday. Not complicated.
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