Ask @Emmaisacookie:

??What would you say to your young self and why?

I would tell my younger self don’t let what others tell you to heart because you are stronger then you think & don’t put that blade to your skin your smarter then that and even if you do everything at the end will be worth it because you made it to your 20s and your going to do great things.
I say that because I’ve been bullied in the past and also selfed harmed before

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What would your dream date be like?

My dream date is to have a little picnic by the lake in a hippie camper van. Talk about our life goals. Then y’all about random things. Get to know each other. Look up at the stars and swim in the lake. Take a hike. After that take a drive and listen to musics and enjoy each other company. Also maybe hit up some thrift stores and record stores.

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