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I'm not a chaser so when a women wants to flirt with another guy to get me it wont happen. But my question is why do women always want to be chased after if you know someone likes you why would you go out of you way to try and make then jealous? P.S.A. it doesnt work on people who know their worth

First of all, its not only women that do this, lol, ik of guys that do it too. The answer is simple, people want attention, they like it, they like the idea of being desired, even if they know that they won't pursue in it.

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Why would a woman stay with a guy if she’s not satisfied in the bedroom? Is that all that matters to women or do they stay for other reasons that are more important? What are those reasons?

CrazyVirgo88 -7034931870
it could be a variety, like financial reasons, stability for life in income, needing a place to stay, maybe he has a good personality and sexual needs aren't necessary, or they could be just good friends that live together

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