Ask @EndoGyro:

What band is your favorite at the moment?

So, three bands I've been into lately IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER are
(1) Scale the Summit [prog metal, because I'm a loser]
(2) Futurecop! [synthwave, because I'm a loser]
(3) World Order [boy band, because yes]

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What was your favorite childhood TV show?

When I was 5, my favorite show was Sailor Moon because I was (and still am) a weird child. I used to get up at 6:20~ AM on Saturdays so I wouldn't miss the opening when 6:30 came on lolllll.
Looking back, I think I'd still go with Sailor Moon: it's funny, energetic, and fabulous. My retrospective* runner-up would have to be G Gundam because it's also energetic, but I am biased towards light-hearted stuff, so there you go.
* Back in middle school, I was more of a fan of Gundam Wing because I liked the mecha designs more. How foolish I was to prefer it to racist MMA gundams!!!

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What movie can you watch over and over again?

Probably The Raid: Redemption. Simple story with great music and martial arts choreography, and the pacing is FANTASTIC. Martial Arts/Kung Fu movies tend to have a lull in the middle with a boring story that makes watching the scenes difficult to sit through (e.g. Five Deadly Venoms, which I really wanted to like :< ).
Runner-up: Ong-Bak. The first 20-30 minutes are a little boring--not much happens, really. Bummer, because it has my favorite scene in which the protagonist does a flying knee kick to a dude while on fire.
This is besides the question, but I want a movie with Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa fighting each other.
look i jsut wnat my fanfic 2 b real
pls luv me uwais & jaa <3

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