Ask @Engineer045:

Which Country would u want to live?

Iran or iraq
because in iran women are so covered and rules are so much practicable and my favorite hauza e ilmia university for knowledge is there where i always wanted to study
their way to call azan amd prayers on time their behaviour smile welcome so in manner
in iraq because of shrine of imam ali and imam e hussain a.s

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If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

idk if i would be a writer and write a book and what would be in it
because people have categories and every category has a property and every property has a nature and every nature has its thinking and every thinking has their side of story and each story depends on other person of he likes that or not
if i make this simple so social life depends on priority and prestige and religious life depends upon Allah's will like what would be good for you priority or prestige and with a bonus of will what ever u want to have u will have it but with own risk of consequences and after facing everything they blame Allah

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With someone who does not understand you?"

see if you are asking about someone who doesnt understand me then i am completely okay with it because i work in layers and make people test me how much they can compress me !
well, if you asked generally than people who doesnt understand you that means you are saying that he says no to everything you asked him to do so
this not you call it understanding
understanding is where we both are right so we have to agree and when u r right and i dont accept you so i dont have rights to say that you dont understand me
so people break their relations because they think that the person next to you dont understand you

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Things we have to learn??

1.people think they easily go in paradise but what i read is they cant if any of friend relative or family member is hurt just because they hurt you or you hurt them or you think its better not to talk to them just because what you think or heard is right and will be beneficial for you and its not wrong to do so but its reality you have to appologise or make him appologise and clear things between you
2. intentions and gaining respect in the name of Allah
if you are intending to offer prayer and asking Allah his blessings you will be associated like you are on right path but you offer prayer intending to ask Allah everything you need in this world then you will be associated like u dont ask Allah's will what is good for you but you asked him to bless you with things you want
and gaining respect in the name of Allah is "riyakari" like you started to pray for pleasing your creator and if someone see that you are doing good and this makes you happy and you make your prays more better to let people flatter you your every prays will be denied and Allah will order you to ask those persons reward of what you done not for Allah but people

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How often do you communicate about the basics of love and happiness?

i never had communicate about basics of love and happiness because what i readand i what i see is totally change and every tribe every custom every tradition has their own meaning of basics even they have their own meanings to love Allah and how to get happiness from obeying Allah but the best thing you will find everywhere is you will learn generally inshallah

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