Things we have to learn??

1.people think they easily go in paradise but what i read is they cant if any of friend relative or family member is hurt just because they hurt you or you hurt them or you think its better not to talk to them just because what you think or heard is right and will be beneficial for you and its not wrong to do so but its reality you have to appologise or make him appologise and clear things between you
2. intentions and gaining respect in the name of Allah
if you are intending to offer prayer and asking Allah his blessings you will be associated like you are on right path but you offer prayer intending to ask Allah everything you need in this world then you will be associated like u dont ask Allah's will what is good for you but you asked him to bless you with things you want
and gaining respect in the name of Allah is "riyakari" like you started to pray for pleasing your creator and if someone see that you are doing good and this makes you happy and you make your prays more better to let people flatter you your every prays will be denied and Allah will order you to ask those persons reward of what you done not for Allah but people