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What would you say to someone who is thinking about you now?

me ?
why would someone ?
i would love to tell you to be practicable and do what you learned from Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.w and spend your time in love of Allah not for the people who would only praise
i would love to see you in paradise when i will be outside giving my side of story and only those things will be acceptable which will be pure
so be pure be and stay safe

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If the intended person reads, what is your message?

intended ?
dude, i have something really bitter if you want to read
someone asked someone that what type of people go first in hell
that person replied
1. will be those people who have read every bitter truth with full confirmation and responsibility without any doubts but hide things from others and only told people those things which will be beneficial for both
2. will be those who read everything but was silent and impracticable
so you want my message,right ?
It is said that if a person is going to full his stomach and dont inquires if there is anyone in his neighborhood who is hungry and cant afford things than the person who is going to eat that thing doesnt have faith in Me.( Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa s.a.w.w)
Reference: Book ilm e Ikhlaq
by Ayatullah makaram shirazi
page 4 5

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