naturopathic medicine has prowess in dealing with chronic diseases. -my lecturer said the term "prowess" is not suitable. do you have any other suggestions?

Nur Ain Hanini
Sure, and I think I would agree with your lecturer since we usually use "prowess" only to refer to a skill or ability that a certain *human* possesses, not to a capability of something inanimate and abstract like medicine or a certain type or school of medicine as in your example.
In addition, "prowess" carries connotations of a high degree of skill implying that whatever the skill is applied to usually results in success, so in choosing a synonym for this to use in reference to medicine I believe you would need to retain this idea. I can think of a few terms then with this meaning that you could use appropriately in your sentence instead of "prowess," namely "efficacy," "potency," "capacity," "capability" or even "ability," though this last term is not quite as "strong" as the others, i.e., it doesn't carry the notion of a probable successful result as strongly as the rest do.
And I am not totally familiar with the conventions and styles of medical writing, so maybe you should check with your lecturer again to make sure that these synonyms I've suggested would also be suitable for the purpose of your writing.
(Please disregard this part, I'm just testing to see whether these text boxes process HTML formatting: prowess.)

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Marwa Abdelrazik@marwa_hamada