Sorry that i nerves you, but you are the one who can help me in this to tuesday, i have only to do this 1 english exam and i am positive in every subject) so please help meeee you are the teacher of the teachers

Vielen Dank, Rajana. I would be glad to try to help you, but I have some questions first. In your first message, you wrote that you need to "write my text," but then you refer to a "test" on Tuesday; also in, this message I'm replying to here, you mention "1 english exam." So will you need to write those two passages, i.e., about a partner and where you have lived, during the period of your exam/test on Tuesday or do you have to bring the two completed written passages with you *before* you do Tuesday's test/exam?
Also, in your message about the first question you say must "use this words in this text: (looks, likes, dislikes, hobbys, education, character, social status, job...)." O.K., what you have in the parentheses look more like topics than specific English words you must use; were you give a list of English vocabulary items that relate to these topics?
Similarly, for the second question you include the direction "How are the people, the food, the shops, transportation, culture, public, art, politics?" So once again I'm assuming these are the general aspects of the topic you must write about, and once more I'm curious if you've been given vocabulary to help you write about these things.
Please contact me at my tutoring site which is where I usually help students with writing. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, so I hope I'll be able to give you the help you need.

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