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If someone is married but only on paper and they are currently separated and having been living separated for 6 months or more is it consider cheating if one or the other were seeing someone else? But also was told to see other people??? (Reason not being divorce is bc of bankruptcy. )

No I don’t think that’s cheating at all if you both know that it’s over no way of rekindling the fire then yes you are allowed to see other people but if there’s a chance I think you lot should revisit that chance

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Every1 is entitled 2their opinion! OC. I just felt a little sorry 4U. That’s why I jumped in, 2answer that question a 3rd time. &I recognize that these outbursts are also part of your condition so really no need 2apologize. Nothing can be done 4you but maybe enroll in a study? 2help others 4future?

Write correctly sir English isn’t my first language oc to me means a different thing. So tell me sir do you think you butting I’m changed my opinion today? Are you happy with butting in ??
Man retirement can’t be like this

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+5 answers in: “the best film of all times and nations!?”