One of the iconic Cold War era films. Peter Sellers played a bunch of roles. There’s a gif of Slim Pickens riding an atomic bomb down out of a plane that gets used a lot in tweets.

Nah it's Deadpool

Every1 is entitled 2their opinion! OC. I just felt a little sorry 4U. That’s why I jumped in, 2answer that question a 3rd time. &I recognize that these outbursts are also part of your condition so really no need 2apologize. Nothing can be done 4you but maybe enroll in a study? 2help others 4future?

Write correctly sir English isn’t my first language oc to me means a different thing. So tell me sir do you think you butting I’m changed my opinion today? Are you happy with butting in ??
Man retirement can’t be like this

You’re making assumptions about BOTH my physical stature AND my age and employment status? This must be the sundowners they talk about?

Indeed I am only right to no you made an assumption that your "help" was needed, tell me sir did butting in the conversation change my opinion? Has it made you happy butting in old man?

Well, lad, 35 posts into this I gotta say you’ve outlasted me. No small feat. I bow to your tenacity. It’s bingo night at the center so this match to you.

Old man you haven't answered my questions I unfortunately don't want your bow or what not I want answers you dope