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Teach me to hypnotize people

From the full guide that's up on my Tumblr here:
The first thing (Well… one of the first things) you need to know about hypnosis is that it’s a completely natural state. People enter trances all the time without even realising that’s what’s happening.
Any time you become very focused on something, you’re in some form of hypnosis. It happens when you lose track of time because you’re embroiled in a book. It happens when you feel happy or sad watching a film because you’ve become emotionally invested in it. It happens when you daydream, or when you concentrate hard on study, or play, or you’re doing something complex but familiar that over time has become very natural to you, like driving home, singing along to a song you know well, drawing, writing, or even (if you’re a kinky sort into bondage and rope-play) tying up a loved one.
Any time you feel like you’re “in the zone”, you’re in some form of natural trance.
Someone that tells you that they’ve never been hypnotized is probably mistaken. Odds are they have been… but not in the way they think hypnosis works. Be gentle when you break this to them. Coming across as wise in the ways of trance will score you brownie points and make it easier to hypnotize your glamorous volunteer later. Coming across as a smug know-it-all will lose you points.
If someone tells you they want to be hypnotized but it “doesn’t work on me”.. or “I can’t be hypnotized”, it might just be that they haven’t met the right hypnotist yet. Everyone can be hypnotized to some degree… it just doesn’t always follow the traditional set of feelings and behaviours outlined by Saturday morning cartoons and campy black and white vampire movies… for some people being in trance is something relaxed and detached… for others, it’s something sensual and erotic… and for others… it can follow the traditional portrayal of being mindless, compelled and mind controlled in exactly the same manner as those old cartoons and movie scenes. Right down to someone becoming your hypnotized zombie slave, intoning “How may I serve you Master / Mistress” any time you snap your fingers in front of their face.
Because it’s a natural state, very often people don’t realise that they’re even hypnotized. A lot of people expect to feel *very* different once they’re under, and just because they don’t suddenly feel like a zombie, slavegirl or robot, they’ll think that means they’re not under.

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