*CORE was surprised to be swept up in a hug like this* has it really been that long since I was able to visit

I'm always happy when I get to see you CORE, and I'm always sad when you have to leave. *Aww*

Would that I could always stay, but others in the Multiverse need me too

I know, but that doesn't stop me from missing you, my child.

apologies, I shall try and visit more often

How have you been, little one?

I have been well, though I saw your son and his family suffering through much chaos lately

Mostly due to a certain friend of yours
*Out of respect for AJ and her phobias, the Canon ship Reaper Chara x CORE Frisk will not happen on Ask, instead the two will only be close friends, sorry peoples*

Ah yes Reapertale Chara still has a grudge to level against Death, but dragging his whole family into it was a little much

Did you see that she has made friends with a certain hybrid?

Yes, I hope that will prove beneficial for both of them

Just like your friendship is beneficial to her.

[[ran out of CORE energy, well energy in general tbh]]

((Thanks anyways :3))