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Hello Erin. you may or may not see this however i really need your advice on some things. I'm struggling to decide on a few things, i was wondering if you could message me in anyway(twitter preferably) your help would be much appreciated. i would as over this but the word count is too short :) x

DevenLouiseRussell’s Profile PhotoDeven
Feel free to send me a message via my twitter inbox if you need any help, my twitter is linked beneath any of my videos :)

Erin please help I'm crying right now my hamster is a Syrian hamster got her a week ago she does not take the treats off me and left her to settle in for four days and she feels threatened she opens her mouth and bears her teeth and squeaks I'm worried should I take her to the vet?

Kaye Serkes
Thats not a vet issue, you just need to be more patient. Most hamsters will not be tamed in a week. It can take several weeks or even several months to gain their trust and tame them. Just keep practising, don't rush her and be very, very patient :)

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Help Erin my syrian has one red eye and one black I got him a week ago and petsathome offer free vet check after two week and I've to contact them should I??

Kaye Serkes
Don't worry thats a rare but normal condition, your hamster just has slightly different genetics that has caused its eyes to be different colours. It won't affect him at all :)

Hi Erin can you do pushout the hamster vids for a week and give some bunny info please?

Aishah Mohd Hatta
Its a hamster care channel not a rabbit care channel, my viewers are there for the hamsters I can't give them videos they don't want. If you want rabbit videos you will have to watch BudgetBunny or 101Rabbits :)

Hi Erin, well since you know about hamsters I wanted to ask: since Syrian hamsters are to be kept in large cages and they are nocturnal, is there a hamster that is not too small but can be kept in a "small cage" and it's active at day and sleeps at night? If so which one? And do you recommend it?

stephangambarte’s Profile PhotoStephan Gambarte
No there are no hamsters like this, hamsters are all crepuscular or nocturnal. The smaller species of hamster also need larger cages than Syrian because they have a lot more energy so a Syrian cage is consider as 'average' size for a hamster and not large. There are no smaller cage options that this sorry.

Hi Erin, I was wondering if you could help us? Our hamster Sandi is in a cage that is way to small for her but she always seems to panic in the bin cage, we introduced her to it slowly and started increasing the time but we don't think its working. Any ideas?

redwulfy’s Profile PhotoKat
A hamster who has always lived in a small space will need lots of time to adapt to a new home. Just make sure you provide lots of hideaways and covered areas and give him time to adjust. It might take a couple of weeks but as soon as she realises it's safe she will be more confident in herself :)

My dwarf hamster developed a scab on her side. Is it okay? I'm really worried..

IvyKisses’s Profile PhotoJessica
A scab should heal in a few days but if it becomes red, hot to the touch, begins leaking fluids or starts irritating your hamster then she will need to go to the vet

I'm about to buy a hamster, what sex do you suggest?

Emma_Fin’s Profile PhotoEmma C Finlayson
Chose your hamster by its personality, watch how it behaves and see how it interacts with you. That's the best way to chose a hamster as their sex does not always mean they will behave a certain way :)
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Hey Erin, are winter whites happier with a partner? Like I just want two females or does it have to be male and female?

Shane lee
They can be just as happy in singles or pairs :) If you had a pair they would have to be the same sex, you can't put males and females together, they will always breed.

Hi Erin, At what age should i castrate my kitten? and are you going to castrate Bertie?

James Thomas
6 months old is the ideal age, and yes we always spay and neuter our pets :)

What store bought mixes are you currently using for your hamsters? (Just watched your diet video for Einstein)

softcollar’s Profile Photosoftcollar
I can't remember what I was using in that video but these days I usually buy generic mixes that just have the nutritional information stuck onto the bag so I can make sure I am buying a balanced mix but I'm not wasting money by paying for the brand name! :)
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My syrian hamster seems to really enjoy small seeds like millet and the small ones you get on stick treats... I was wondering if mixing The Burgess Supahamster Dwarf Hamster Harvest with the regular Burgess Supahamster Hamster Harvest would be ok for a Syrian?

softcollar’s Profile Photosoftcollar
I would think its fine to do yes as both are good, balanced mixes :)

Hey Erin, when you give Einstein meats, is that all of his food for the day like you do for the rest of the weeks plan? I'm referring to your diet video for Einstein btw, I've watched the video over and over and I'm still unsure.

softcollar’s Profile Photosoftcollar
Usually our hamsters have mix still left in the bowl and its last for about 3 days so the meat and veg are fed along side those leftovers. I your hamster doesn't have any mix left over on those days I would advise adding a little in :)

Hello Erin ! Love your videos I was womdering if the SAMALA 80x57 bin cage is big enough for a syrian hamster. If not would it be okay to have two connected maybe (massive) or maybe a alaska or double wilkinsons bin cage? Stuck because wilko isn't high enough and stuck on getting ikea bin? Is it ok?

The Samla is a perfect sized bin, I've had one myself and it was great! :)

hi do you have any advise on what I hamster breed I should get as my first hamster

life82amanda’s Profile Photoamanda peterson
There are no breeds of hamster, there are 5 different species of hamster though and the best species for a first time owner is a Syrian :)

hi erin the other day my roborovski hamsters died and when i was dealing with getting them out of the cage to bury them i discoved that one of them eat the other one im pretty confused and is this normal?

Indiana Webster
I'm sorry for your loss :( Yes this is very normal, the cage mates are 'cleaning up' as a dead body attracts lots of bacteria which could pass onto your healthy hamster and make it sick. They eat the deceased hamster to prevent the bacteria from growing and posing a risk to other hamsters, most animals do this as its a built in instinct. Humans also have this instinct to 'clean up' dead bodies but our instinct is more evolved so we now bury them instead.

How u, hams and Jack are doing? And do u have no idea what to do if bunnies start to nibble me. My bunnies has nibbled me 2times and bit me 1time. I hate when i have to clean the cage cuz im scared that what if they bit me while im cleaning :(

We are fine thanks :) Maybe this video will help you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=527Fy1V2CZAErinErinsHamsters’s Video 115350347159 527Fy1V2CZAErinErinsHamsters’s Video 115350347159 527Fy1V2CZA - try to be more confident around your rabbits as if you are nervous it will make them nervous too and more likely to nibble you! Bonding/playing with your rabbits will help to reduce nibbling too :)
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Since I got my hamster a new wheel he's been running on it nonstop. It's one of the Wodent Wheels and he's been using it as a hide out and has been hanging out of it when (I'm assuming) he's puffed out from running. I give him plenty of play time so I'm really confused about his wheel obsession. :S

softcollar’s Profile Photosoftcollar
He must just really love it! As long as he isn't underweight or looking thin then you shouldn't need to worry. If it isn't effecting his health then he's just an energetic hamster and may simply need a little more food in his diet to make up for all the calories he's burning off :)

Ty for all the hard work that goes into the videos :) i am a 17 year old girl and i want a ham i live in Ireland will the weather make it difficult to keep a hamster what is the best breed for me :) from your irish friend sally

Lily Duggan
Hi Sally! The weather won't make a difference don't worry, I used to keep hamsters in Wales and the weather there is very similar! You just have to make sure you keep their room a bit warmer in the winter. The best species (there are no breeds of hamster) for a newbie is a Syrian hamster :)
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Hello Erin! I also have another question. My robo stores his seeds and food in his sand bath...is that normal or should I try to get him to move it somewhere else? Because I cant really clean his bath because I know I shouldnt move his "hoarding" pile.

MeganJane356’s Profile PhotoMegan Jane
Thats a normal place to keep it, you can still clean the sand bath out just use a sieve to sieve out the food from the sand and then you can clean out the bath and replace the food afterwards :)
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Hey Erin, are you going to sterilizize Bertie?

James Thomas
When he is old enough yes, we always spay and neuter our pets to keep the animal population under control and prevent unwanted litters :)
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Hi Erin, I do not have an Ikea near me at all...Its in a different state! So I was wondering if you had any ideas on what to use to make cages? My robo currently has a bin cage and I want to make it bigger because I want to spoiler him even more! Thank you in advance :)

MeganJane356’s Profile PhotoMegan Jane
You could buy a second bin cage and attach it with tubes, or if you wait a bit some of the US pet shops have 'dollar per gallon' sales on tanks and you could get a massive 40 gallon tank for just $40 or a bigger tank if you have the money for it! :)

Hi erin you are living my dream life with jack,hamsters and cats but 10 year old sister is looking for a pet and is a hamster a good pet for her . THANK YOU 4 all the hard work you put into your hamsters pats videos and lots more .thank you for being so helpful :) :) :) hamsters rule

Sally duggan
At 10 years old a Syrian hamster would be an ok pet for her but your sisters parents/caretaker should be very aware that they will be the person legally responsible for the hamster and if your sister is unable to care for it or gets bored of the hamster then the adult in that situation will have to take full care of it. They should also be made aware that they will be responsible for vet bills and most of the supplies since a 10 year old is unable to make their own money and the hamster can live anywhere from 2-4 years. Its always important for the adults involved to want and be prepared for the pet too and not just the child :)

Dear Erin, or I am assuming that Is your name. Ok moving on, I have been wanting to get a hamster for a while and I have recently started looking for cages to buy for a hamster. I stumbled across one that is called: Omlet Qute Hamster Cage. Could you look at it and see if it is good enough cage

John Odell
I have actually seen that cage before and its one of the worst out there. Its far too small, has barred flooring which is dangerous for hamsters, there's no space for a safe wheel, its impracticable and also extremely expensive. You could get a cage 12x the size of that for less money. Its just not a good cage, not worth the money and it is only designed to look good and not to house any type of animal humanely
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