Ask @EshninerForest:

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

I use to have favorite youtube people but youtube has changed a lot. If I had to pick a few from present day I would have to say... Crrrow777 & Vsauce.

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Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?

Crying because I had to ask my mom to read this question for me... because I can't read. :(

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What do you think of dressing up pets?

One of the best ideas ever! I usually will put a shirt on a dog after I give one a bath in the winter time.

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Do you have vague feeling about minecraft?

Maybe... I do play it, but I feel / know nothing while playing it. I have a really hard time being intrigued by anything & I have no clue what I am talking about right now. However what I am really good... is being super obscure as fudge. #clueless

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Do you have any interest in anything?

Yes but I am completely unable to formulate my interests into words because I cant relate my interests into words... it is more so a fuzzy vague feeling of no correlating values. AKA #deeplyconfused about #everything

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