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Which song best represents your life so far?

One is the loneliest number By Harry Nilsson.

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What is the major problem in your city?

Fukushima is going to effect every city... maybe.

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Are you ready?

Always ready!

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What do you think about recycling?

I like it.

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What year is it?

Not this year.

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What kind of watch do you wear?

I don't do watches any more. I once wore a watch and people would ask where I bought it quite often. After one occasion of the "where did you get that watch?" I just gave my watch away to a guy. It was a simple silver casio... but it attracted humans like a moth to a flame.

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About Eshniner Galactic:

I only like theoretical comedy situations & recording rock n roll. #folkrock #songwriter #nonsensical #drawing #retrogaming #startrek
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